This amazing apartment designed in 2018 by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio is located in Netanya, Israel.

Description by Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

On every window we have the sea before us. In order to emphasize and perpetuate the horizon, we pulled it’s silhouette into the house with a brass element. The element penetrates through the wooden clad walls, allowing delicate angles to soften the linear composition and creating a feel of movement. All the wooden walls conceal a variety of functions as well as passages to different private areas of the house. The objective of the project was to create an experience of a seamless space, one that would appear effortless and accurate. To solve all technical difficulties and the complicated details in an elegant manner. As the clients wished to be surrounded with nature, while maintaining an inner warmth stemming from sleek design scheme in a way they feel is pleasant for them. The apartment is divided to three wings. Bedrooms and guestrooms are located in the northern win, service areas in the southern wing. Both are connected to the main wing with hidden doors which are part of the wooden skin covering the walls. Terazzo floor was chosen as a backdrop to the rich ensemble both inside and out.

Photography courtesy of Tal Goldsmith Fish Design Studio

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