Apartment in Maggiolina is a modern dwelling located in Milan, Italy, designed in 2021 by Nomade Architettura Interior Design.


From the moment the first ideas for a project come to life, you can’t wait for the apartment to come to fruition.

Never has this been more true, especially for this particular project.

The client, a truly unique person with a wife and twin sons, approached our studio when the Abitare In Maggiolina complex was still only on paper, with very clear ideas: he wanted a beautiful, comfortable home for his family, with a small pool.

The project developed over 4 years, with times that followed the events of the Abitare In building site, but the enthusiasm of both the clients and obviously of the studio, always remained high and brought us to the desired results: a beautiful house, comfortable, with a swimming pool!

The apartment is clearly divided into two areas, the living area which is accessed opens onto the living room communicating with the kitchen, which in turn lead to a terrace with a truly unique view.

Kitchen and living room are characterized by an element that draws and envelops them, a library, which becomes a TV wall and then becomes the kitchen, a strong geometry, lightened by the use of white in sharp contrast with the dark oak. The choice of the “wand” design of the wood is dictated by the desire to highlight the geometry, emphasizing the shadows.

The furnishings are elegant and comfortable and blend perfectly with the environment.

The bookcase divides the living room, with the help of a portal, from the study area. From the desks you can see the water of the pool and hear its noise, what better way to work from home?

From the study you go to the corridor that leads to the sleeping area, a corridor on which open the 4 bedrooms and bathrooms.

The corridor has been emphasized by a play of color, an ultramarine blue ceiling and wall that plays with the white of the wall in front.

The children’s bedrooms are custom designed, the idea was applied in 3 slightly different ways, a wallpaper for each child, which goes with the nouance of the details of the bookcase and desk.

The master bedroom is airy and simple intentionally, connected to the walk-in closet and master bathroom.

The bathroom is covered in marble and plays on light and dark contrasts, Calacatta Vogue White marble on the floor and on the walls of the bathroom, Amani grey marble inside the hammam, including the shower tray; with this same marble is made the monolithic top with integrated washbasin.

The children’s bathroom and the guest bathroom are lined with Porcelanosa materials.

A paragraph to itself deserves the terrace of this house, large, with a beautiful view and a small heated pool, to be used both in summer and winter. Particular attention was given to the design of the green, with the expert help of Fratelli Ignegnoli.

The art project, followed in collaboration with Vera Canevazzi Art Consultant, saw a close collaboration between the Parisian artist Nowart (already an old acquaintance of Studio Nomade) and the client. The theme that was explored was “Van Gogh”, a colorful portrait characterizes the living room, accompanied by the Irises in the hallway (reinterpreted by the artist), ending with the Wheat field in the bedroom, a fil rouge that accompanies the theme of the entire house.

Photography by Simone Furiosi

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