Apartment in Chelyabinsk is a contemporary home located in Russia, recently designed by Marina Kutepova.


As a rule, the customer does not know how much he wants to spend on repairs, or he is afraid to voice his budget to the designer. It seems that if you tell the designer the budget, he will “walk on everything”!) But in fact, the total budget helps to navigate in the price range of furniture, plumbing, not to scatter on proposals that will not be affordable to the customer. The designer will be able to suggest in which case it is possible to reduce costs without losing the integrity of the interior and not to the detriment of the appearance. What style is more realistic in the scale of the selected costs. It should be understood that if the budget is limited, it will affect some points. Something will have to be sacrificed. If you suddenly want an art deco kitchen or classic wall panels “on a budget,” prepare for low quality. The designer at the initial stage will tell you about these nuances and help you choose the best option.

Photography by Elizaveta Gurovskaya

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