This apartment designed for a couple who lives alone, was actually designed for the whole family. Parents of four adult daughters, the owners’ request for the architect is that all social areas be integrated and wide so that the whole family could interact during lunches and festive moments. A large sofa, a dining table with several seats, and a space for day-to-day meals, this was the wish of the clients who were executed on the project by the architect Érica Salguero.


The living room and the dining room are integrated in this apartment. The highlight is the Move sofa (Leader), which has a control drive that moves the backrest according to the need of the moment, which can extend like a bed or divide the sofa in two, the furniture is functional and versatile for this environment integrated. The joinery rack made of walnut wood with sand microtexture, fits perfectly into the space of neutral colors. The library velvet wine chair (Artefacto) assumes the role of protagonist in this room for its imposing color, next to the effects frame (Gigi Monteiro) punctuate personality to the environment. The sober atmosphere mixes classic and contemporary. DINING ROOM The dining room was designed to be a large space. For always receiving visits the chosen carpet was the Revolution (ByKamy) for its functionality and practicality of maintenance. An extensive wooden dining table (Vmobili) was added to the space next to the Marcelo Ligieri design Luna chairs, with carbon steel legs, fiberglass backrest and caramel leather seat, which is also easy to maintain. One of the client’s requests was a piece of furniture with a crystal cabinet function, from which the architect Érica Salguero got the idea of ​​making a reinterpretation of a modern glass cabinet with cabinetry to store the glasses, plates and cutlery and a niche that serves as a support. during a family lunch, for example, to support réchauds. For the day-to-day, the architect produced the furniture with crystal vases (LS Selection) that can be easily repositioned. The golden brass pendant, with movable lighting points, completes the ambience.

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