Located in Saint Germain des Près, Paris, France, this tiny apartment has been completely redesigned in 2021 by Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier.


Our customers who live mainly in the countryside, wanted a cocoon during their stay in Paris. They bought a small apartment ideally located in the famous district of Saint Germain des Près, but quite old and very dark.Their main wish was to feel like in a hotel with a simple and pure decoration.

We have completely reorganized the apartment while maintaining the existing charm of this old building. All the water rooms (kitchen, shower room, WC) are integrated behind a “curved wall” covered with paneling that create a diagonal perspective to increase the impression of space. The floor is in light beige waxed concrete throughout the apartment in order to unify the whole and reflect maximum light. The living room walls are light green while those of the toilet and the bathroom are dark green waxed concrete for more intimacy.

Photography courtesy of Atelier Pierre-Louis Gerlier

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