Here we were just minding our own business, going about our days, while Anthropologie was secretly building the most legit beauty selection. Seriously, when did this happen? We blinked and now Anthro has got the coolest picks around—part indie best-of, part best sellers, part K-beauty. There’s even a “conscious ingredients” category highlighting clean beauty. Color us shocked, while we add all to cart.

Did you just become best friends with Anthro’s beauty section? Same.

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil, $72

Yo, Anthro, this is a super legit indie find. (So much so that this was my winner in the facial oil category at Indie Beauty Expo in 2017.) It’s incredibly moisturizing, smells like marzipan somehow, (yet is just 100 percent organic plum oil), and has a beautiful origins story: three sisters founded the line on their great grandfather’s plum farm in Sutter County, California.

De Mamiel Botaniques Restorative Cleansing Balm, $64

This brand is one of the most interesting indie launches in last few years. Good find with this one. Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist Annee de Mamiel has a three-year wait list for her practice in London, but you can get a piece of the de Mamiel magic thru her gorgeous organic line.

Each product is meticulously handmade on a farm just outside of London, then de Mamiel takes it one step further by blessing each batch of product, playing them music for 24 hours while they settle in sound baths. (Yes, really.) This cleansing balm is packed with soothing oils and essences to both balance skin and enhance your mood while massaging it into your skin. Get it now, because it’s about to explode on the beauty scene in the next coming months.

Darphin Hydraskin Light Gel Cream, $62

Darphin is a standard go-to brand for all the cool French girls with that je ne sais quoi. Since its founding in 1958, the brand has formulated all of its products with French botanicals harvested at their peak. This Hydraskin gel cream is one of their best sellers because it’s light as air, yet packs a heavy hydration punch.

Red Earth Hydrate Nourishing Lotion, $38

Handmade in Australia, utilizing superfood ingredients found only in Aussie, each Red Earth product is incredibly unique and effective. This marine and collagen-enriched moisturizer slam dunks thirsty skin with a major dose of hydration, leaving you dewy and refreshed, thanks to macadamia seed oil, Tasmanian sea kelp (huh?), and bladderwrack extract (uh, what?). And the packaging is always on point.

Mermaid Hair Shine Spray, $28

This is for those that want their hair to both smell like a tropical vacation, and look like they’re on a tropical vacation (and who doesn’t want that?!). The simple mix of aloe, seaweed, kelp, algae, and jojoba oil (beachy!) is enhanced with a sweet scent of orange blossoms and coconut. Hair is left shiny, soft, hydrated, and flyaway-free. It has an underground-cult following for those in the know, but now you know (but how did you know, Anthro?).

Bee’s Wrap, $18

Alright, Anthro, seriously, how did you find this one? Bee’s Wrap is all the rage in the green industry because it’s basically the clean version of Ziploc and Saran Wrap. Made from simply beeswax, cotton and tree resin, it’s the sustainable alternative to plastics. Simply wrap up your snack to go, the packaging will stick together, and then wash and dry it when you’re done (easy as that!). It has a great origins story too, created in 2012 by a mother of three in Vermont.

Vitruvi Lavender Essential Oil, $15

Wait, how did you find out about the coolest essential oil brand around town, Anthro? Vitruvi is that indie brand making those really gorgeous handmade porcelain diffusers that are out of stock everywhere. (These ones here!) They also hand blend all their small batch essential oils, too; this one is made of super high quality lavender and aids in sleeplessness. 

The Nue Co. Skin Food + Probiotic, $75

The chicest probiotic on the market, The Nue Co. is special for its formulations, which are at the highest quality. In traditional supplements, up to 50 percent of ingredients are fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. But for The Nue Co., they remove every unnecessary component so every ingredient is active and organic. For this skin-brightening probiotic, Vitamin C and E encourages cell renewal and your natural collagen production. Just add a teaspoon to any liquid, any time of the day.

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