We hear you, and we know that we fell short on living up to your expectations for our brand.
We want to take this opportunity to emphasize that the well-being of our artist community is a priority for Anthropologie. We take creators’ rights very seriously, both in protecting the work of our own artists and in respecting the designs of others. We do have systems in place for their protection – unfortunately, in this instance, our safeguards did not hold up to our standards.
In June of this year, our artist partnership team noticed the similarity of a product on our site to the work of Tara Burke, a ceramicist we had invited to collaborate with us. We immediately looked into the matter and promptly discontinued all sales of the item in question. Our buying team, which works independently of our artist partnership team, had purchased this product from a third-party vendor who underwent our vetting process and had represented to Anthropologie that he owned the rights to these products. Unfortunately, the artist partnership team did not have the opportunity to identify the issue with the market item before it was on sale at anthropologie.com.
We have tremendous respect for the artist and small-business community, and we deeply regret that we have disappointed you. Please know that we are actively reviewing our systems and protocols so that we can strengthen our process and become a better partner to the artists whose work we so admire.
Thanks for reading – and for your support for the artists in your community. -Anthropologie

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