Another Human Debuts the Pool Collection and the ET Collection

Another Human, the label of multidisciplinary designer Leah Ring, has released two fresh collections – the Pool Collection and the ET Collection. Ring finds inspiration everywhere from the Memphis Group to outer space, often blurring the line between design and art.

The Pool Collection is the embodiment of summer culture that’s often associated with Los Angeles. Its two pieces – the Pool Table and the Jacuzzi Table – are fun and playful, a fantastic experiment of form and functionality. Their acrylic tops mimic irregularly shaped pools, while pool noodles have been applied to their legs to make the pieces even more approachable.

The ET Collection shows off that same sense of fun and whimsy, this time being driven by the narrative of a group of aliens discovering one another while lost in space. Each piece takes on otherworldly qualities with their forms and finishes.

Borden is an oversized blue velvet chair with six offset legs and the feel of Matisse, feeling like it might just skitter away. Leelo is an amoeba-like acrylic table that may or may not change shapes at any moment. Zorg is an extra-terrestrial creature in the form of an abstract high-back chair that definitely comes across as a friendly being. And Rebi is a utilitarian side table set on casters, who may as well be a robot.