Ananda House is an inspiring concrete residence located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, designed in 2020 by Stemmer Rodrigues.


Ananda is the name set by Stemmer Rodrigues for its new house project in Eldorado do Sul (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil). Ananda means supreme bliss, a common term widely used in hinduism. The choice directly refers to the owner’s wish of transforming her house into a bright space to live in and to receive students for yoga and meditation classes.

In a 600 square meters plot, transparency invites to wonder what is there through the glass facade. “The welcoming happens already at the main entrance, where the supporting pillars mimics natural trunks, while the glass rails configure a shelter dedicated to the practice of meditation and yoga”, explains Ingrid Stemmer, founder and partner of Stemmer Rodrigues.

The house program is divided in two floors, with the social area, the room for yoga classes, and the veranda on the first, and the intimate area with three bedrooms concentrated on the upper floor. On the porch, with a barbecue grill, a marble deck designed to receive friends and family for outdoor gatherings.

Among materials, glass, concrete, and wood stand out. “The slatted wood covers the facade on the upper floor, in front of the solarium, bringing more comfort to the intimate area and balance to the design,” concludes Luciana Medeiros, project coordinator at Stemmer Rodrigues.

Photography by Lucas Franck/NMLSS

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