At Assembledge+ founder David Thompson’s Laurel Hills home, glass bridges and massive sliders connect three cedar-clad volumes to a landscape flush with grasses, boulders, and olive trees.

Dwell Escapes is supported by Genesis. We selected this escape because its clean lines and meditative spaces clad in strong materials echo the minimalism and attention to craft found in the Genesis GV80.

The house changes every hour. Sunlight streams through glass walls and windows, casting branch-shaped shadows on white and black walls and wood floors with flowing grain patterns. This is not a home that stands still. There is movement in the details of the materials, the shadows, and the residents as they walk between the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

This Los Angeles residence located in Laurel Hills is minimalist in design and takes advantage of Southern California’s year-round mild climate by seamlessly blending the inside with the outside. Architect David Thompson designed the home for his family of four—and his goal was to create a dwelling that would foster “a lifestyle connected with nature and the outdoors.”

Glass walkways allow family members to feel like they’re walking through a grove of olive trees while still being indoors.
Positioned around a fire pit, the outdoor living room provides the Thompson family with a space to relax and connect on the pool patio.

According to his wife, Jamie, he achieved his goal: “I feel like I’m always walking in a new house, and there’s always something new to discover. It’s usually subtle and beautiful, and I find it inspiring.”

The Laurel Hills Residence and the surrounding palm trees reflect on the surface of the 40-foot-long swimming pool.

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