In a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, a pavilion addition ties into the existing home’s midcentury roots and connects to the nearby parkland.

Australian studio AM Architecture has transformed a midcentury modern home in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell into a 5,920-square-foot residence that celebrates space, light, and native materials. 

Insulated glass was used for the floor to ceiling windows.

Insulated glass was used for the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

The original residence had its living areas located on the rendered precast first floor, which sits atop a base of external clinker brick planes.

The existing building was rendered precast at the first floor, seated on clinker bricks.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

Sited on a challenging, L-shaped plot, the home’s brief called for improved zoning, more space for a large family, a stronger connection to the outdoors, and better views of the nearby parkland. 

Timber posts, which support a timber lined canopy overhead, were used as the boundaries of the pavilion structure.

Timber posts, which support a timber-lined canopy overhead, serve as the boundaries of the pavilion structure. 

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

Drawing on aspects of the existing architecture, AM Architecture added a new pavilion, nestling it between two tall trees on the site so that its 16-foot-high ceilings open to accommodate leafy perspectives of the park. 

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The 007 Atlantico Tall Chest has slender legs elegantly lifting the robust body away from the floor. Functional rectilinear handles stretch the full width of each drawer. Available in American Black Walnut or American White Oak finished with a Danish oil or white oil. Each component of this tall chest of drawers is meticulously crafted. The cabinet top, base and side panels are made from solid planks of oak or walnut. The rear panel is plywood with a matching veneer on both sides and is slotted into the rebated frame for a seamless connection. The cabinet leg structure is solid oak or walnut, joined using mortise and tenon joints. The drawer fronts and handles are solid oak or walnut attached to American Basswood drawer sides using dovetail joinery. The base panel of the drawers is made from plywood with a matching veneer and is slotted into rebates in the drawer sides for a seamless connection. The drawers have an internal depth of 5.2″. Hidden metal runners on the underside of the drawers have a sprung “pull back” action.

The interiors were reworked into a split-level open-plan living space that evokes a feeling of being standing on top of the fence, and being totally connected with the park.

The interiors were reworked into a split-level, open-plan living space that helps the residents feel connected to the park.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

“The addition changes the organization of the existing home by creating a new center with a dramatic connection to its natural surrounds,” says AM Architecture director Andrew Mellios. 

The timber used for the addition comes from sustainable, natural plantation oak.

The timber used for the addition comes from sustainable, natural plantation oak.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

Within this pavilion are a new living area, master bedroom, and basement cellar, which connect to new outdoor entertaining areas and a swimming pool.  

The private areas are separated, but visually connected to the new living area.

The private areas are separated but visually connected to the new living area.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

“The rhythm of these posts creates a tactility and depth to the edges of the space, modulating the hardness of the glass surface. The external clinker brick planes reappear to bookend the new interior, suggesting that the living areas are an external space,” says Mellios.  

Elegant ceramic pendant lamps are draped on each post.

Elegant ceramic pendant lamps are draped on each post.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

The entryway was relocated from the first floor to the new center within the pavilion addition. This entrance now leads to clearly zoned functional areas, which include living and outdoor spaces, and separate wings for the parents, children, and guests. 

Exposed clinker brick and steel bracing convey the pragmatism of Australian, midcentury design.

Exposed clinker brick-and-steel bracing convey the pragmatism of Australian midcentury design.

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

A dramatic fireplace enhances the verticality of the design, as well as the surrounding trees. 

Venetian blinds were installed on the exterior of the windows to mitigate heat.

Venetian blinds were installed on the exterior of the windows to mitigate heat. 

Courtesy of Dianna Snape

Midcentury-influenced furniture and decor give the interiors a pure and contemporary aesthetic that’s in sync with the home’s heritage and natural environment. 

Project Credits: 

Architecture, lighting, interior and cabinetry design: AM Architecture 

Builder: Domain Builders 

Structural engineering: Andrew Beattie 

Cabinetry fabrication and installation: INSET 

Photography: Dianna Snape  

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