I was over at my friend’s place and she burst out in excitement recommending we should make caramel popcorn, something I didn’t know was possible outside the movie theatre. She claimed to have tried and tested this magic easy caramel popcorn recipe that is extremely quick and very easy. I followed her to kitchen to witness the miracle and she was actually right. The best part was it tasted incredible. It was wonderfully crunchy and with the perfect amount of sweetness and balance. So here’s how she did it:


– White sugar

– Sunflower Oil

– Corn Kernels


1. Get a wide pot (size depending on your desired amount of popcorn) and make a ring with the sugar around the edges of the pan.

2. Place the kernels in the middle of the sugar ring until they fill the circle. 

3. Drizzle a good amount of oil on the corn kernels and turn on the heat.

4. Cover your pot, but try to find a clear cover so you can see when the sugar starts to dissolve.

5. When the sugar is dissolved and you the corns start to pop, start shaking the pan well from side to side and front to back until the popping stops.

6. Take off the heat so the popcorn doesn’t burn and put the caramel popcorn in your favourite bowl

Main Image Credits: Barefeet in the Kitchen