An elevated courtyard is the integral cog in the working of this unique 570 square metre residence in Saphan Sung, Thailand, designed by architectural team WARchitect. WIth landscaping by Ginggaanbai, the central courtyard connects all of the interior spaces and constructs universal garden views. Although this lush space is the heart of the home, it’s a panoramic lake view that formed the main priority of this project. The house has been creatively layered like an amphitheater to increase the range of visual contact, with the upper level looking down through the lower with minimal obstruction of the vista. From the lakeside, living room, gaze glides peacefully up to bedrooms over the steps of planted terraces.

Homeowner Mr. Narongvit, who is Founder & Director of Sleepless society & Chandelier music, was struck by love at first sight with the location: Lake panorama, nature and clear skies. The home feels like its own private resort.

At the back of the house, a small pool patio draws a water connection with the lake at the bottom of the sloping landscape.

A water feature pours gently down the hill, ending at a decked area right upon the lake.

Each of the back garden tiers are grassed and planted to colour green borders around the graceful meandering water feature. Young trees give height to the grounds, pushing tall from the shrubbery.

The same landscaping technique continues into the courtyard on the other side of the interior living space.

These stepped terraces enable amphitheater-style views from the master bedroom suite at the very top of the elevation.

Atmosphere and space for entertainment were crucial in this project design, even above the form of the build. The homeowner wanted a relaxing place where he could compose music, as well as somewhere that he could party with friends.

The owner is a mellow personality yet neat and meticulous, so materials and decor were selected to suit. Loft-style materials were employed but executed in alternative ways. The enclosing space is relaxing with visually warming with red brick tiles, which were adapted by laying vertically with the fluted side out to make a unique effect.

The unusual vertical brick cladding connects the interior and exterior spaces, promoting the indoor-outdoor living experience. The material also has heat preventing functions and ventilation properties that cool the interior temperature. To the outsider, the remarkable façade increases curiosity of what lies inside.

A brown leather sofa and matching armchairs give the living room a masculine essence. Black marble elements continue the dark toned decor.

Black cobbles build a walkway between the living room and the tiered landscape design.

Inside of the home, the black accent flips around onto the ceiling, creating dramatic impact upon the long space.

Retractable doors adjoin the open plan with the pool patio at the back of the house.

The dining set is a rustic modern design with a chunky profile, plus a casual dining bench addition for squeezing in a few extra guests.

Formal dining chairs face the kitchen area and its luxurious black marble island design.

The bookmatched marble kitchen island adds to the symmetry of the kitchen dining space, where uniform walkways balance each side.

The kitchen oversees the whole room–a must for effective entertaining.

The project materials were inspired by the owner’s previous house and the Chandelier Music office. At night, the rich finishes come alive in atmospheric lighting.

The monolithic island appears to float over a glow of white plinth lights, hovering behind the eclectic mix of European vintage furniture.

Whilst the homeowner and guests are blissfully connected to nature, the enclosing space doesn’t allow eyes to pry into the house.

Muxarabi draw around the outer wall of the upper floor.

The largest modern bedroom is a long area with space for a comfortable sitting room and a workspace.

The master bedroom has a comforting link with the rest of the house, connected by the central green space and exterior staircases.

Lightweight curtains draw across the Muxarabi without sealing out the breeze.

You can see all the way down to the lake without even putting a toe out of bed.

Shallow concrete steps navigate the gentle incline between floors.

The upper section of the staircase cuts through the air as though it weighs nothing at all.

Glass balustrades open up the view.

A dedicated workspace occupies the back of the building. This is where the homeowner can come to create music surrounded by both lakeside and courtyard vistas.

Huge expanses of glass doors make fluid links with the outdoors.

A piano melds with a backdrop of vertical brickwork tiles.

A pergola shelters an exquisite lakeside dining area.

LEDs illuminate cobbled steps into the property, shaded by towering foliage.

Potted plants pull nature onto sun terraces and inside of the house.

The decorative screening makes a beautiful rich façade.

Covered parking rests under the front of the building.

The elevated terrain covers up the parking space with green terraces, and boosts the master suite into a position with privileged views. When using the working space on the second floor, the downstairs amphitheater garden presents a view of more green space than a basic flat garden could.

Side elevations.

Ground floor plan, complete with open plan living space, utility room, gym and parking area for up to four cars.

Upper floor plan with bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms.

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