Meeting the residents’ desire to obtain large spaces in a light atmosphere, using
delicate colors, this project seeks to value two important characteristics of the
apartment: its great natural light and its large social area.

The dining, living and television rooms are arranged in a single environment
that is integrated to the gourmet terrace and kitchen. The 12 meter long ripped
panel acts as a backdrop for all the social area. The hinged doors are
camouflaged in the same panel, connecting the kitchen, the dining room and
the door that gives access to the intimate area of the apartment, sheltering the
entire wooden-clad entrance hall.

The predominance of white walls, slatted panel, metal shelves, ceramics, corian
countertops, curtains and the furniture, favored the optimal distribution of
natural light, allowing the artificial lighting to be practically all indirect.
The white surfaces are differentiated by their textures and reflections, and
together with all the wood used, they form the ideal base to receive the desired
colours. The way the lighting was designed enabled the absence of ceiling
plaster in the rooms and bedrooms. Providing clear environments that have a
higher ceiling and no points of light that pollute visually.

The colourful environment in the apartment enhances the national culture, using
traditional elements such as the tile and the ceramic panel signed by the artist
Alexandre Mancini. The furniture and the vegetation are in perfect harmony with
the colours used.

The identity of the social area permeates the intimate wing, emphasizing the
furniture for underwear in the closet, which has small colourful pivot doors
alluding to the magic cube. The design of this furniture, as well as the dining
table, carries the signature of the office.