As we spend more and more time at home, the kitchen further cements itself as the ‘heart’ of the house – so why not treat it to some new toys and trinkets, courtesy of our Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals?

Amazon Prime Day always tends to cut prices on lots of small, handy kitchen appliances. From coffee machines to blenders, kettles to food processors; there will be many a bargain to choose from. Get the big brand appliances you’ve had your heart set on, but have been holding back buying due to budgets – because now they are better value than ever!

Check out below the best offers during Amazon Prime Day 2020. Plus, we’re also helping you get a head start with what cut-price kitchen appliances we think could sell well this year.

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Best Amazon Prime Day kitchen deals 2020 – quick links

Amazon Prime day rice cooker deals

Panasonic SR-G421FLXC 4.s Litre Automatic Rice Cooker: was £189.99 now £139.99

Easy cook kitchen accessories are the hero of the modern, and this automatic rice cooker is no exception. Plus it does what it says and more. It cooks rice, meat, curry and even porridge dishes.

Designed for optimum efficiency, performance and durability it’s the ideal option to perfectly cook and hold large quantities. It’s extremely easy to use, with a simple push of button it will automatically cook the perfect rice every time.

View deals: Panasonic SR-G421FLXC 4.s Litre Automatic Rice Cooker & Warmer, was £189.99 now £139.99

Amazon Prime day food processor deals

Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Food Processor, was £109.99, now £79.99

kenwood food processor

A food processor is the multi-purpose tool every kitchen needs to have at hand. Whether making soups or sauces for dinner or whisking a cake mix for dessert, this invaluable tool is up to the job. Kenwood at the trusted brands for kitchen ‘essentials’ such as this. This compact 800 W model comes complete with a thermo-resist glass blender, reversible Slicing and grating discs for all your quick meal prep tasks. And additional dough hook and whisk, for when Bake Off leaves you inspired to bake.

View deal: Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Food Processor, 2.1 Litre Bowl, was £109.99, now £79.99

Amazon Prime Day 2020 air fryer deals

Breville Halo Air Fryer: was £119.99, now £89.99

Who said you can still eat treats and eat healthier? Whoever it was, they weren’t savvy to the magic of this Digital air fryer. Using a 360% air circulation and 99.5% less oil than standard fryers this kitchen gadget is invaluable to those who want to eat what they like, but maintain a healthier diet.

With cooking presets for chips, chicken, vegetables, steak and fish this smart appliance does it all. You can air fry, bake, roast, sauté and grill to your heart’s content. And thanks to Amazon, save some money too.

View deal: Breville Halo Air Fryer: was £119.99, now £89.99

Amazon Prime Day 2020 coffee machine deals


Image credit: David Brittain 

Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine: was £54.99, now £35 (save 36%)

This reliable Russell Hobbs machine has advanced showerhead technology that ensures flavour is fully extracted from your coffee grains. Save on costly paper filters with a permanent filter that can be removed and washed. What’s most impressive about this machine is its capacity. With a 1.25 Litre capacity glass carafe, you can make up to ten cups of coffee at once – great for when we can get back to large dinner parties.

View deal: Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine, was £54.99, now £35 (save 36%), Amazon

Nespresso Vertuo Next: was £149.99, now £74 (save 51%), Amazon

Coffee capsule machines have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. But this machine is half price, and if you sign up to the Nespresso club when you  buy it, you’ll receive 50 pre-selected Vertuo Coffee Capsules and two months’ complimentary Nespresso Coffee Subscription credit worth £50.

Back to the machine itself. It can make drinks for up to five different cup sizes, so is great for all cover lovers. They include: Alto (414ml), Mug (230ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Espresso (40ml).

View deal: Nespresso Vertuo Next – was £149.99, now £74 (save 51%), Amazon

Amazon Prime Day blender deals

Amazon prime Day Kitchen deals 

Tefal BL420840 Blendforce II Blender: was £34.99, now £29.99 (save 14%), Amazon

At under £30, this is a brilliant low-price option. It’s equipped with a 1.5-litre plastic jug, a 600W motor and four robust stainless-steel blades that cut through fruit, veg and ice. Its built-in air cooling system allows the motor to keep cool, preventing overheating while extending the life of your blender. Want your kids to get into blending? Tefal’s secure jug lock system and smart lid with filling hole will keep them safe.

View deal: Tefal BL420840 Blendforce II Blender, was £34.99, now £29.99 (save 14%), Amazon

NutriBullet 600 Series: was £89.99, now £57.99 (save 33%), Amazon

Amazon has already slashed the price of the best-selling NutriBullet 600. One of its biggest selling points is that it makes excellent smoothies – and healthy ones at that! Did you know that some of the most nutritional parts of vegetables, like broccoli, for example, comes from its stem? The NutriBullet 600 series comes with a powerful 600W motor combined with bullet cyclonic action to blitz those stems without destroying their nutritional properties.

View deal: NutriBullet 600 Series – was £89.99, now £57.99 (save 35%), Amazon

Russell Hobbs 24702 Desire 3-in-1 Hand Blender: was £39.99, now £29.96 (save 25%), Amazon

Despite the rise of electric blenders, hand-powered machines are still popular – and cheaper. This three-in-one blender comes with a 700ml beaker, a 500ml chopping bowl plus a whisk attachment and blending leg. You can easily swap between appliances when making smoothies, salad dressings or soups. The whisk comes with two speeds and a pulse setting for whatever cake you’re baking. And all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

View deal: Russell Hobbs 24702 Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender, was £39.99, now £29.96 (save 25%), Amazon

Amazon Prime Day kettle deals

decorating with spring colours

Image credit: Spike Powell

Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle 21400: was £59.99, now £24.99 (save 58%), Amazon

Add a touch of modern style with this jet black Russel Hobbs kettle with a tinge of electric blue.

At over half-price right now, it’s an absolute bargain. Beyond its price tag, the 1.7-litre kettle can make up to six cups at a time and has a handy 360 degrees base so it can be comfortably used by right and left-handed people.

It also has integrated cord storage so you can make it the length that you need. Perfect for both small and large-sized kitchens.

View deal: Russell Hobbs Mode Kettle 21400, was £59.99, now £24.99 (save 58%), Amazon

Breville Impressions Electric Kettle VKJ956: was £28.99, now £24 (save 14%), Amazon

Stand out from the kettle crowd with this uniquely designed appliance from Breville. It sets a good first impression, with its elegant ridged texture design, high gloss finish and polished chrome details. Breville’s Impressions kettle comes in black, white, red, or cream; a versatile brew-maker suited to whatever colour pattern you’ve got in your kitchen. Breville also says the 21400 provides rapid boil times so there’s no waiting around.

View deal: Breville Impressions Electric Kettle VKJ956, was £28.99, now £24 (save 14%), Amazon

Morphy Richards Kettle Evoke Kettle 104408: was £49.99, now £45.57 (save 9%), Amazon

Another kettle with an interesting design. It has a jug-like quality to it, but its stainless steel material adds a solid, reliable weight that makes it easier to pour. Like the Breville Impressions, the Evoke guarantees rapid boiling but holds less water than the Breville. Complete with limescale filter and an easy-view water window, this electric kettle would look at home in any kitchen.

View deal: Morphy Richards Kettle Evoke Kettle 104408, was £49.99, now £45.57 (save 9%), Amazon

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