As we all become more accustomed to working from, it’s time to stop considering this a temporary thing. It’s time to invest in the right home office furniture solutions. But do so without spending more you need to, taking advantage of the Amazon Prime Day home office deals.

From foldable desks to spine aligning chairs, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is the ideal time to invest in getting the right equipment at discount prices. We’ll be looking out for all the best home office furniture deals to share here.

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Amazon Prime Day home office deals – quick links

  • HUANUO laptop tray: the Cushion, Built in Mouse Pad & Wrist Pad combo is down £15 to £39.99

Home office furniture

Amazon Prime Day home office desk deals

Folding Computer Desk

When you need a suitable desk but don’t want it to infringe on your home life too much – go for a folding design. After each day or week working from home you can simply fold it away and store out of sight – out of sight, out of mind they say. And that’s important for a sense of wellness, especially if you’re working in a small living space  you use for personal downtime too.

Buy now: Folding Computer Desk, £85.99, Amazon

BONTEC Sit- Stand Desk Converter

In the workplace we’d have a proper workstation assessment to determine if we are sitting correctly. No such like from home. It’s a call of judgement, just make sure that you are standing and walking around enough. A desk with an adjustable height element can cater for all needs.

This BONTEC design is an Amazon Choice, meaning it’s got the seal of approval by the experts.

Buy now: BONTEC Sit-Stand Desk Converter, £70.99, Amazon

Amazon Prime Day home office laptop trays

Laptop tray on sale at Amazon

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HUANUO Laptop Tray with Cushion: was £54.99, Now £39.99, Amazon

A tray that houses your laptop, complete with bolster cushioning and comfy wrist pad – there’s literally no better way to enjoy a duvet day while working from home. The makers say, ‘This bed table is built with a wooden panel and dual bolster cushions. It can be used while lying on your bed or sofa. You may use it as a laptop holder, work stand or reading desk. ‘ It’s totally multifunctional for all needs. The lightweight design with built-in carry handles is also completely portable, making it ideal for travelling, too. ‘You may carry it from your sofa to bed, workstation to staff room, indoor to outdoor,’ say the designers.

View deal: HUANUO Laptop Tray, was £54.99, Now £39.99, Amazon

Amazon Prime Day home office chair deals

We’ll be updating the page with deals as they go live on Amazon.

Carving out a home office could be handy for future efficiency too, as the return to a 5-day-a-week office job is looking increasing less likely.

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