Being a kid and getting to play all day long in the backyard, getting to help build a treehouse or to have fun role playing with your friends … that’s what happiness is all about. As a parent, you want only the best for your kids and that sometimes means you have to put in some extra effort to see a smile on their faces.

Let’s say you have a backyard. How cool would it be to transform it into a playground? Backyard playgrounds are great because they make the kids happy and they let you keep an eye on them, making sure they’re safe. So let’s get to it and see what awesome ideas you can try. We can look for inspiration in the most amazing playgrounds designed around the world.

Some designers went ahead and planning everything so you don’t have to. This, for instance, is the Big Dream and it’s a mobile playground for kids created by Aeroplane Comics formed of Dmitry Sytnikov and Alexander Drobinkin. The great thing about this playground is that it’s mobile which means you can move it around as needed. The ensemble lets kids climb on ropes, swing around in a boat and pretend they’re sailors and pirates. The best to enjoy this playground iw with a bunch of friends.

The Sticks Playground designed by Delavnica architects is pretty similar to those playgrounds usually found in parks. It incorporates swings, slides, platforms, poles, rope ladders, a climbing slope and various other fun features. The overall design and abstract but also meant to stimulate all the senses through the use of various different materials, textures, forms and sounds. Kids can come with lots of fun games based on this structure.

You can also find some inspiration for your own backyard in the design created by Playoffice as part of the Pereda Gardens in Spain. It’s a marine-inspired playground with long, undulating slides, swings and various other features. You’d need a pretty big backyard for something like this but you can adapt the concept to suit smaller areas as well. The 800 square meter playground can become the inspiration for a smaller version adapted to your own yard.

Izabela Boloz designed something called Geometric Gardens, a playground meant to stir the imagination and to inspire kids to be creative. The whole ensemble is built out of 22 poles made from powder-coated galvanized steel. They form a platform and climbable surfaces and kids can use bent sliding pipes to go down. The platform forms a shaded area underneath which can also be used for hide and seek games.

A while ago, Cox Architecture designed an interesting combination of units formed of a playground for kids as well as a series of small units/ shelters with amenities for the residents of the local community. The playground itself was designed as a rather complex and solid structure, with units that the kids can climb and hide into, poles and other cool and fun features. The design is not meant to impress visually from a  chromatic point of view. The Elysium playground stands out in other ways.

If you’d rather try something different, something that’s outside the box, have a look at this cool playground designed by Tezuka Architects. It looks mesmerizing and it’s actually a network of nets in different colors. The architects designed the Woods of Net playground for an area in Hakone, Japan. The nets were knitted by hand. Perhaps you could create something similar based on this unusual and eye-catching idea.

Here’s something cute and awesome: a playground designed by artist Tom Otterness. Its name is the Silver Towers and you can see it in New York. The thing that’s most interesting about this playground is the fact that’s shaped like a giant robot-like figure. Its two legs are slides and its head is a small treehouse-like structure with a pointy roof that’s actually the hat.


For the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, Free Play designed an amazing playground that includes four of their installations. There’s the maze, which is a basically a collection of cubes with cutouts that form a labyrinth, the ant farm which is a series of climbing tubes, the weeping willow which is of two types, one made of steel, aluminum and bamboo chimes and the other made of ropes, as well as the corn field which features 100 vertical corn stalks. The playground is interactive and really fun to explore. Of course, you probably don’t have enough space for all of these features but you can definitely find a way to adapt one of them for your own backyard.


One of the largest playgrounds for kids can be found in Oosterpark, in Amsterdam. Its name is Play Garland Oosterpark and it lets more than 100 children play here at the same time. This is possible thanks to its structure which is composed of slides, raised walkways, rope ladders, swings and even hammocks. The playground was designed by Carve.

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