The hot summer is perfect for organizing garden parties, picnics on the grass and relaxing outdoors.

The style of furniture and accessories depends on the type of garden event and our preferences. Simple relaxation can take place on the grass, but we organize a meeting with family or friends at the table. It is worth decorating the garden with exciting flower arrangements, lanterns, and original accessories to escape routine and surprise guests.

On grass

Whether in the garden, by the water or in a forest clearing, it is most comfortable to rest on soft turf. We will arrange a casual, spontaneous summer meeting here in 5 minutes – by organizing a blanket or a bedspread and pillows in the garden. A nice touch will be to arrange several pots with flowers – they can be cut or potted plants, placed in a wicker basket, jute bag or even a paper bag!

The durability of the materials for decoration is not essential. Still, the temporary effect, so all decorations can be hung temporarily, e.g. on tree branches (so that they are easy to hang and remove). And that’s enough to relax after a day of work, lie down in the shade of trees with a cup of coffee and a book.

Suppose you plan to play in the garden with children who love all kinds of hiding places. In a garden corner, let’s build a makeshift tent (a few bamboo poles and a sheet are enough), and if necessary, hang a portable mosquito net on the tree.

At the table

When arranging a meal in the garden, we usually focus on table decoration. Traditional tablecloths can accompany summer parties with flowers and porcelain tableware or comfortable placemats made of reed or fabric that do not escape in the wind.

If we do not have typical garden furniture sufficient for a specific number of guests, do not be afraid to display home chairs or armchairs – they will add character to our arrangement. In a garden exposed to wind, it is good to put a heavy vessel on a table covered with a tablecloth – it can be an old, solid candlestick, a garden lantern or a composition in the glass made of succulents, which usually stands at home.


Each additional decoration in the garden catches the eye and makes the moments spent outdoors more enjoyable. Avoid bursting balloons when arranging children’s parties. Colourful flags and even paper lanterns are much better. If there are few plants in your garden, consider cutting flower decorations and hanging them over your table or in vases. We can easily make lanterns – by inserting thick candles into large jars filled with gravel or sand (for stabilization). The pots can be tied with coloured ribbons or string.

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