Polaroid Snap

Wich woman is not interested in taking photos and capturing every essence of life? A Polaroid camera is something that will never get old. Instant photos that we can hang around or put into albums within moments are so precious.

Click & Grow Herb Planter

What about the woman who “doesn’t want anything”? Well, let’s give her something super useful like a herb planter, it will help her with healthy eating. Great as an indoor decor item, give any kitchen a Millenial-hippy look she will love!

Pajama Set

As a woman, you never have enough pajamas, different colors, shapes, and fabrics, so imagine how happy your besty can be with a new pajama set for Christmas, it can be fun and quirky or something sexy and comfy.


Christmas gifts for women are amazing, doesn’t matter the age, just by observing a by you can get something to blow their minds, like a watch. Have you considered a watch as a Christmas gift? Super stylish and expensive it will show how important this person is to you and how much you appreciate all the time you spend together.


What is better than an expensive gift? A sexy gift! Help that beautiful woman in your life feel a bit sexier this Christmas season with some lingerie.

Lingerie sets are superb among all other gift ideas for women. Attractive and comfortable, it will be so useful not only for daily life but also for special occasions.

Fancy Silk Scarf

Silk scarfs are always a trend, even nowadays. Stylish, trendy and super beautiful, it makes every outfit look even more interesting. Give it to your besty and she will be able to use it not only as a piece of clothing but also as an accessory for her bag.

Jewelry Set

Delicate jewelry can be so beautiful and chic. If your besty thinks the same, whether she is in her 20s, in her 30s or even more, such a present will be appropriate anyway, then we are happy that we bring this idea to you. Looking super beautiful, it will also remind her of significant meaning behind it.

Body Oil

Body Oil will not only add shimmer to the beautiful body of your friend but will also moisturize the skin and give her a look of a goddess.
The shimmer is one of the best trends that is available for our generation. Don`t you agree? Applying it to our faces and bodies is such a great thing nowadays, so why don`t we do it in the best way possible? The shimmer, the better!

Eyeshadow Set

Last if your best friend is a makeup lover what better Christmas gift than an Eyeshadow set? The perfect gift to let your besty exteriorize all her creativity!


Cover image by Evie La Lùve Lingerie | @evielaluve

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