I follow Amanda Axelssson for a long while now on Instagram and I love her no-nonsense approach in decorating her beautiful home in a way that is minimal, yet elegant. She is now selling her beautiful turn-of-the-century apartment and it’s a great chance to look around in her interior. The entire place has been painted in a warm grey color, which varies in tint throughout and the custom built-in modules in the living room and hallway have been painted in the same color for a tone-on-tone look.

I love the long built-in cabinet in the living room especially, where the TV doesn’t look out of place. She paired it up with two white linen sofa’s and a large white area rug. I think the round mirror on the wall in the living room combined with the pedestal and the vase looks wonderful as well. Such a simple decor that has such power at the same time.

The dining table has a very nice spot in front of these two large windows in the kitchen and I love the way the black dining chairs contrast with the wood of the table. The contrasting black accent pieces come back in one way or the other in every room of the apartment, which is such a lovely red (or black) thread.

for Bjurfors

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