Amalgam Watches from Mauritius

The world of watchmaking became popular after the second world war and from that time, the industry evolved and branched in various other industries leaving a noticeable difference. One of them being the fashion industry. Fashion watches are timepieces whose functionality is an extra feature but still its presence is still a necessity. The main purpose of those fashion-oriented brands is summarized in one word : Aesthetics!. Fashion watches brings a certain value to the fashion industry that cannot be ignored even if they are under constant fire from the traditional watch communities. With the advent of the internet, everyone can stand a chance to share their creation with the world & build their own brand from scratch as shown by this newly-founded watch company, AMALGAM Watches.

Founded in Mauritius, Mark Twain’s heaven, AMALGAM Watches is a modern take on adding gemstones to timepieces in a modern and esthetically pleasing form. Inspired by a makeshift watch strap, what makes this brand unique is that each of their watch is designed by you, the customer. Leveraging technology, they created an interface whose input is your wrist size. From there, choose from a myriad of choices including 8 x Case design, 6 x Strap colors and 30 semi-precious gemstones of natural origin. Differing number of beads are allocated for each wrist size making this a ‘unique for your wrist’ approach. Thousands of visually appealing combinations can be made and small personal tweaks can make your watch the only arrangement in the whole world ! They give 2x straps & 1x watch case per offer allowing you to make your own personal customization post purchase. They are currently taking pre-orders with a launching deal of 40% discount and are expected to deliver their first batch before Christmas to all those who pre-order before the end of September. Thus, the price is tagged in the range of $100.

The unique personal value provided by those timepieces cannot be underestimated and will become AMALGAM’s strongest weapon in surviving the tough fashion watch industry where lack of innovation is akin to brand suicide. We look forward to see where they go in the coming years but it will be worth looking at !

The Team

The team consists of 3 siblings. Sumayyah who finished her master degree this year in medicine and whose 10 years spend abroad has helped our company with outsourcing manufacturers, looking for suppliers and handling our financial department.

Ridwaan has an IT degree and automotive engineering. His main role is product testing, photo editing and adverting.

Abdur-Raheem who was in his last year of his biomedical studies decided to take a break to dedicate his time to amalgam. His role is product design, website development and photography.

Shipping and shop

We are planning to open our first shop in Mauritius where orders will be processed,assembled and delivered within 24 hours. For world-wide free shipping, all pre-orders will enjoy special services, like first & fast assembly and dispatch, personalized advice to design a watch to best suit your personality and preferences and a picture of the final product will be sent to each pre-order customers before shipping. Pre-order now your Amalgam watch from their online store.

You can also find more details on their Youtube channel.

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