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Located in the town of Schorndorf, just outside Stuttgart, Germany, this industrial-inspired office is the result of an extensive renovation. Alexander Fehre converted the first level of an industrial building into a creative showroom and workspace for Movet, a conveyor-belt manufacturer.

The various functional areas were divided using aluminum mesh partitions. They’re in tune with the industrial character of the building and define spaces without completely blocking out the natural light.
modern offices (1)The epicenter of the space is the Movet workshop, a raised platform which includes a conference room, office kitchen and showroom. One of the design highlights is a 16ft-long table complemented by suspended copper and enameled lighting fixtures.

Custom-designed furniture fills the space. The work tables and storage cabinets were built from laminated multiplex boards with an oak veneer. “The storage cabinets are manufactured from a single element, which is rotated in different ways to form a complete cabinet,” the designers explained. “The rear wall of each unit is also its foot and the side rim for the storage trays.” Desks with triangular sides take this concept further. The result is homogeneous, yet playful design. Enjoy the virtual tour and let us know what you think!

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