All of My Home Friends Were Wearing These £30 Headbands

When I went home to Cheshire over Christmas I kept seeing people wearing elaborate embellished headbands, which were all from the very same place: a website called French Fashion House. The headbands are real statement pieces, as they are all handmade and adorned with colourful gems, pearls and gold detailing. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, however it turns out they are quite the cult item.

As soon as the headbands are re-stocked, they almost immediately sell out — there currently isn’t one of the £30-something headbands available. Several of the headbands come with a matching pair of elaborate earrings, for the complete Dolce Vita look. Just because party season is over doesn’t mean the hype over these Blair bands is going to die down, however— they are the perfect way to jazz up a simple winter outfit. I’d wear one with a black rollneck, pair of trousers and my simple camel coat.