This year our not so little any more Ela turned 7!
For this occasion I usually make my own handmade gift wrap 🙂
I choose Alice in Wonderland.
I bought a tote bag in Pound store for Ela the other day which inspired my project.

She loved the movie and a story book too so it did seems to be the right choice.
I wanted something simple with use of only few colours.

I hand drew few characters and motives on my computer and made it to a FREE PRINTABLE which now you can use it too!

There’s few tags and patterns you can print out on few standard A4 cards and connect for a bigger size.

Simply click the LINKS below images for printing.


white rabbit

tea time


For the biggest wrapping I made a simple chess board pattern using
– foam sheet
– wooden building block
– black acrylic paint

I simply glued a square piece of foam sheet on to a block to make a stamp.

Pattern is not ideal, but hey it’s hand made 🙂

Some gifts I wrapped in brown paper…

and hand drew some vintage keys and a key hole on.

I also had some heart patterned paper since Christmas at home which matched the theme nicely.

I packed it all into Alice tote bag.

What kid doesn’t like to unwrap the gifts? 🙂

     This could be a great match to Alice in Wonderland inspired Birthday tea party 😉

                     If you like the idea of
handmade wrapping paper then why don’t you check our other fun to make ideas like :





                                          Happy wrapping!