Aesthetically Pleasing Trough Bathroom Sink with Two Faucets

Perhaps you may wonder, how many faucet you need in your bathroom sink? Is one faucet enough or do you need more? Through bathroom sink with two faucets may be the answer for your misery. This article will give you couple ideas to beautify your bathroom using through bathroom sink with two faucets.

Through Bathroom Sink with Brick Wall

Using brick in bathroom is a risky idea because this material will have shorter endurance if exposed with water. Thus, it is better to coat the brick. The coat will not only add a subtle shine, but also protect the brick from water damage.

mid sized transitional master bathroom with flat panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, gray walls and a trough sink brick wall mosaic floor tiles
Impact Remodeling and Construction

Bathroom Sink with stone Column Walls

Stone columns can be an alternative to create distinctive look in your bathroom. This look is visually pleasing and you can choose the soft color such as white or beige. You can put the standing lamp in front of the wall for the serene look as well.

bathroom double sink granite countertops stone columns wall standing lamps sconces bathroom tiles floor glass door shower rectangular mirror door less cabinets
Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Wooden Deck Bathroom Sink Ideas

The unique color of wooden material will make the bathroom to be enjoyable. It ranges from light brown into dark chocolate. Just make sure to coat the wooden material to be waterproof and add cream colored sconces to match the wood.

wooden deck wall bathroom wooden cabinet and concrete countertop rectangular mirror sconces mosaic tiles shower wall ceramic tiles floors glass door shower room
ConcreteWorks East

Two Mirrors Idea for Double Faucets Bathroom Sink

This bathroom is not only using one mirror, it uses two identical round mirrors. The double mirrors make a symmetrical look in the room with double faucets. You can add more color to make the  bathroom looks livelier.

Transitional bathroom with a trough sink and double circular mirrors hanging lamps blue mosaic tiles wall beige ceramic tiles floor
Masterpiece Building of Austin, LLC

Double Faucets Bathroom Sink with Single Mirror

If you decide to only use one mirror, make sure that you use the big one. The reflection makes your bathroom look bigger so you won’t be annoyed by your compact bathroom. The minimalist idea makes this room look simple yet majestic.

Large contemporary master beige tile slate floor bathroom with an undermount sink, an undermount tub, dark wood cabinets, beige walls and granite countertops
Douglas Design Studio

Door Less Storage Concept Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sink with door less storage makes a cute show off for your toiletries, however, it will have more prone to the splashing water form the shower. Thus, you need to separate the sink and the shower if you want door less cabinets bathroom concept.

Rustic bathroom remodel with a trough sink wooden door less cabinets white painted wooden deck walls rectangular mirror granite tiles floor
Lawrence Architecture

Floating Bathroom Sink with Double Faucets

Floating bathroom sink not only makes a beautiful design in your bathroom, it also gives better cleaning way when you try to mop or sweep the area below the sink. Add some vases of flower to make your bathroom to look more natural.

Large contemporary master mosaic tile, black tile, brown tile and gray tile porcelain floor alcove shower with flat panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets
Dick Clark + Associates

Double Faucets Bathroom Sink in Black and White

Black and white ideas also work well in bathroom. This bathroom is painted in white and the accessories used are painted in black. The black countertops also match the white painted cabinets.

Elegant beige tile and white tile bathroom with an integrated sink, white cabinets and concrete countertops fixed lamps black accessories
Dana Green

Mediterranean Bathroom Sink Ideas

This bathroom features Mediterranean look in its bathroom sink. The double faucets are accompanied by the double rectangular mirror as well. the accent fabrics in the curtain and the rug keep the minimalist look on this special room.

Mediterranean beige tile bathroom with an integrated sink accent curtain and rug concrete sink fixed lamp bathroom tile floors double rectangular mirrors
Higgins Architects

Bathroom Sink Ideas in Compact Room

If you have small bathroom, you may make elongated bathroom. The owner put the toilet in front of the bathroom sink. It will force the user to make the toilet to keep clean. The wahite wall paint helps us give the clean look on this bathroom.

large industrial master gray tile and porcelain tile porcelain floor corner shower with a trough sink, open cabinets, dark wood cabinets, engineered quartz countertops and gray walls
Four Brothers LLC