Southern California-based lighting brand ADG Lighting is releasing a new series of luxury fixtures. Led by seasoned lighting professional Gerald Olesker with help from his team, including senior industrial designer Joey Gennaro, ADG Lighting has created custom products for high-end hotels, restaurants, and celebrity estates all over the world. The company also crafts an in-house line of sophisticated furnishings along with artistic, manufactured lighting that showcases the surrounding environments in the best light possible.

Discover chic new lighting from ADG Lighting below.

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Paris PendantWrought from brass and iron, this stylish pendant light features a metal chain, and its bent glass panels offer an unconventional twist on lantern-inspired styles.

For those who live in California, this fixture can be made to comply with Title 24, a set of building codes for the state that includes energy conservation and green design standards.

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Tigertail LanternThe blackened steel caging of this flush mount encloses a brass mesh cylinder. Reinterpreting the mixed metals trend, the steel and brass materials offset each other, creating a visually dynamic lantern.

This fixture can be made to comply with Title 24.

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Paul Williams PendantThis ceiling mount light is artfully assembled from etched glass and forged steel. The imprinted sunburst patterns in the glass complement the rounded shape of the structure.

This fixture can be made to comply with Title 24.

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Wallace Neff Pilaster LightIn blackened steel, this pilaster light includes a creative, architectural shape and textured glass, setting it apart from other fixtures. As it lights up an outdoors space, it helps create a cozy exterior ambience that’s still high design.

This fixture can be made to comply with Title 24.

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Tiffany’s Sconce: Featuring an antiqued brass true faux finish on the backplate and arm, this sophisticated sconce is the perfect accent for any space. The rounded, sculptural shape of the antiqued glass offers a touch of elegance, while the bar stock bracket ensures convenience and adds artistry.



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