One thing to bring a light to the dark corner of your bedroom is by choosing a right lamp. You can also bring different atmosphere to your bedroom based on what kind of lamp you choose. With numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions or lighting abilities, lamps constitute one of the most convenient methods one has to alter the lighting tone of a room.

Lighting of one’s bedroom can affect a person’s state of mind. Whether you are looking for a romance, relaxation, fun, or sophistication, the lamps can improve a room’s decoration and give the feeling one is looking for.

While in this post, we’ve already collected 12 gorgeous ideas of cool lamp for bedroom to bring a whole new sensation to your bedroom and improve your daily mood. Let’s check these out.

1. Wooden Table Lamp in Unique Circle Shapes

If you are looking for a table lamp to complete your bedside table, you might love to have this idea. One or a couple of wooden table lamp in unique circle shapes that will easily concept your room look and lighting into a modern and contemporary one.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 1
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2. Unique Natural Wooden Standing Lamp

Have a natural and modern touch at the same time with this idea of standing lamp. At first, you might not expect this item as a lamp. But after you connect it to the power source, you will easily love it!

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 2
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3. Bulbs Chandelier

Who said that unique chandeliers only fit the best for a living room and dining room? You can also have a cool bedroom with this idea of bulbs chandelier at the corner of your room. Look at the picture below to have an inspiration.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 3
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4. Unique Bedside Table Lamp

Have you ever wondered to have one gorgeously unique item in your bedroom? This idea of bedside table lamp might be a great idea for you to adopt. With extraordinary look, it easily reflect a unique personality of the bedroom’s owner.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 4
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5. Twin Chandelier

This idea of twin chandelier actually made of simple materials, but with creativity and taste, it can turn your bedroom into one of the coolest bedroom you’ve ever had. Check out the idea below.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 5
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6. Tiny Bulbs as Over Bed Lighting

It might be a bit complicated to install this kind of lighting to your bedroom. But once you have it done, you’ll get one extraordinary cool lighting for a bedroom.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 6
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7. White Over Bed Lighting System

You can have a total freedom to decide your bedroom’s lighting system. Just like this idea below, you can make a total upgrade in having a cool bedroom lighting.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 7
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8. For Kids’ Bedroom

Don’t ever think that your children’s bedroom cannot have a kind of cool lamp to accompany their sleep and play time. Look at the picture below to adopt one of creative idea of cool lamp for kids’ bedroom.

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 8
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9. Mini Street Lights

Bring the street lighting into your bedroom? Why not? This standing lamp will give you an extraordinary atmosphere of lighting that can change and improve your mood easily!

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 9
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10. Root collections

Having a furniture that made of root is always interesting and unique in look. That has the same to do with a lamp, especially for a bedroom. Who doesn’t love to have this collection of cool root as the lamp accessories material? You’ll absolutely love it!

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 10
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11. Lego Table Lamp

Here comes an idea for a Lego lover. Or perhaps your loved little ones. A Lego table lamp that will accompany the most of your time in the bedroom and make it extraordinary!

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 11
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12. Twin Onion Table Lamp

Sometimes a little bit imagination can change everything. Just like this creative idea of table lamp in extraordinary shape. Adopt the idea by the picture below!

Cool Lamps for Bedroom 12
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After all, take a closer look to your lighting needs, decide on a budget and then hunt for the right lamp that will make your reading or relaxing experience an unforgettable one.

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