It’s the Wild West of internet shopping, a wonderland of auctions for anything and everything, a cluttered cornucopia welcoming all. I’m talking, of course, about eBay

As a young lad, I grew up scouring eBay’s bountiful internet landscapes for Air Jordan sneakers and grew to love the thrill of the hunt and the competition of the auction. I picked up an appetite (some might term it an obsession) for the platform that has followed me through every phase of life since. I’ve leveraged my inherent knack for quickly processing visuals into a specialized tool for sifting through hundreds of eBay listings at a gallop, and then stopping on a dime for those few golden nuggets.

Along this path, I’ve come to a bold conclusion: eBay is the best place on the internet to find steals on unique home decor. As a stylist, I know how pricey it can be to add the finishing touches that make your home feel distinctly you (i.e. yes, I would like this $400 Japanese incense burner, but I would also like to make rent). The answer to this dilemma, my friends, is eBay.

Starting today, I will be dropping my favorite eBay finds once weekly. These hidden gems will encompass a wide range of decor items in a spectrum of styles. The focus will be on accessible pricing, low-cost shipping, and singular designs that one cannot find on the shelf at a big-box retailer.

This week I focused on my efforts on wall art, lamps, planters, vases, and other decorative accents. Remember that these listings will expire in anywhere from a few hours to a few days. So dust off that eBay login, get your bidding finger ready, and click through to see this week’s drop.

Trying to find a type of piece that’s missing here?  Like the idea of a piece but not the style? Want more options? Let me know in the comments below!


Art is one of the most challenging forms of decor to shop for on a budget. Original pieces are an investment most of us can’t finance, while prints and reproductions often lack that soulful oomph (you know?). So here are six pieces to gracefully jumpstart your art collection.

Vintage Tropical Theme Signed Watercolor Painting, $18

If this vintage watercolor isn’t Summer ‘18, I’m not sure what is. The soft neutral pink of the background and baby blue of the mat (which can be removed if desired) set up a calming pastel ground that contrasts nicely with the breezy movement of the black and blue palm trees. Throw it in an acrylic frame to add a crystal clear edge.

Vintage Mid-Century Landscape Portrait Paintings, $99

Now at first glance you may be thinking, “$99 plus shipping? I thought these were supposed to be steals?” And that’s where I’d like to gently direct your attention to the fact that there is not one, but three pieces of art in this auction. That’s right folks, you can leap most of the way to a new gallery wall in one fell swipe.

I adore this trio for the lush, vibrant palette of the gorgeous portrait and architectural illustration, as well as the rich bronze hues depicting the seated figure. You’ll see in the detail photos that each piece retains pencil marks of its history. These charming scribbles note that their creator, one Pearl Otis Jones, painted these works in the mid 1950s.

Vintage Art Nouveau Ranson Tiger in the Jungle Exhibition Lithograph Poster, starting bid $0.99

While the lowly poster sometimes gets a bad rap, perhaps reminding us of teenage shrines to boy bands of yore, I fully support the medium. Take this lively “Art Nouveau” exhibition poster for example. The strong splash of lemon yellow, vivacious tiger graphic, and playful vintage typography mean this highly affordable piece could not only hold its own in a frame, but would rock it. 

Vintage Estate African American Woman in Head Scarf Oil Painting by H Primpas, $25

Look at the strength and majesty of that face. I want this next to my front door so each morning she can tell me “All is as it should be. You shall find your way little one.” Plus, on a compositional level I’m fascinated by how her visage is nearly abstracted, forming a geometric block of warm nectarine hues floating over a moody dark ocean. I’d swap the frame out, or give it a quick coat of paint for a fresher look.

Vintage 1950s Paint By Number Flamingo, $41

What’s better than one 1950’s Paint-by-Numbers flamingo painting? A pair! These babies are so cheerful and amusing. Hang this diptych over a sofa with some palm-leaf-print pillows, and you may not even need that summer vacation after all. Once again, all these frames need is a coat of white spray paint to go from kitschy to contemporary.

Vintage Oil Abstract Painting Blue Green Yellow, $45

If you’re starting to sense a color palette emerging, toast yourself with a fruity beverage. As you can see from our 2018 Color Issue, we’re living for an uplifting blend of citrus yellow, soft Carolina-blue, lavender, and warm pink. In addition to the color, I’m further engaged by this piece’s layers of texture. The narrow build means it’d be a great fit for that one cramped, awkward wall space you can’t figure out what to do with.


Vessels: Sometimes they serve a function, sometimes they just fill a space for the eye to enjoy. Either way, they are a great styling move for any surface vignette you’re trying to build, as they bring height and curves (or edges) that can set the scene for other decorative pieces to play off of.

Handmade Southwestern Pottery Native Style, $9.99

If you’re aspiring to Casey Zhang levels of minimalist neutrals, this taste of the Southwestern desert is for you. It has just enough visual interest in the tapering shapes of its rough ceramic surface to properly balance the highly restrained color palette. Place it next to your incense burner and meditate on what a steal it was.

Vintage Toyo Japan Ikebana Flower Pillow Vase, $19.95

I’m not sure why I’m giving up this absolute treasure, because I’m personally utterly taken with it. Crafted for the Japanese floral art of Ikebana, this “pillow vase” is moody, organically shaped, and captivating from all angles. Give it a window ledge of honor so the sunlight will reveal the intricate floral etchings on the sides.

Vintage Wheaton Commemorative Carnival Glass Bottle, $9.59

I’d like to point out two aspects of this Dwight D. Eisenhower commemorative glass bottle: 1. The iridescent emerald hues would make this simple shape pop on any surface in your home. 2. The inscription on the back reads, “HIS GREATEST CONQUEST WAS THE HEARTS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.” I’m with Ike on this one. 

Art Glass Vase, $38

Alright friends, listen up. This enchantingly odd vase is only going to be live for a few more hours, so a loyal Domino reader needs to bring it home and immediately tag us @dominomag so I can see how you made it work. The vibe is so funky and the color palette is so on point that I know one of you will make magic with it.

Vintage Mid-Century Modern 1960s Cream Ceramic Serving Bowl with Rattan, $15

This 1960s serving vessel caught my eye due to its neutral palette and use of mixed materials (the bowl is ceramic and the handle is wrapped in rattan). I picture it on my imaginary patio table filled with dragon fruit.


I love plants, you love plants. I found these found these five rad planters, you can pot the succulent collection of your dreams in these five rad planters.

Upco Fluted Green Ungemach Pottery Pedestal Planter Bowl, $5.99

Designed circa the 1950s, this pedestal planter has retained the grandeur of a Greek temple column, and striking visual rhythm of tropical foliage. Use it for the aforementioned succulent collection, or fill it up with citrus for another splash of that Summer palette.

Brass Hanging Planter Pot with Fern, $23.74

While I’d suggest first filling this brassy number with some real ivy or pothos, I’m otherwise all for the move to hang plants from the ceiling. It draws the eye upwards, adding an extra visual layer to your space, as well as providing your room with a natural air-filter.  

Vintage Nelson McCoy Pottery, $16.95

I mean, do I really need to explain why this is a styling slam dunk? It’s vintage. It’s pink. It’s a sculpture that will gently hold whatever florals you decide to plant it with. I can picture this in so many vignettes that would make people smile. Again, someone please give this a good home and then show it off @dominomag.

Ceramic Black Tiger Mid-Century Modern Figure Decor, $28

Dig the idea of an unconventional planter but pink isn’t really your thing? Bring this feline energy to your airplants. It’s technically a tiger, but you can still claim this as a nod to Black Panther.

Mid-Century Modern Fiberglass Bullet Planters With Tripod Stands, $61

Once again, keep an eye on the countdown timer here as this auction is dangerously close to ending. This pair of cadet-grey planters would pair marvelously on either side of a mid century sofa, or framing a front door. The delicate tripod stands will keep your greenery elevated in elegant form. 


Often a decorating afterthought, lamps can easily look cheap and generic, dampening the overall effect of a room’s design. Add some artistry to your space by treating your lights as sculptural accents. As long as the wiring is intact, most vintage lamps will work as good as new for years to come.

Vintage Table Lamp -Mid Century Modern – Milk Glass Shade – Dark Green & Brass, $30

I’m so taken by this graceful lady’s excellent shade of green. It would pair as well in a sea of greys and blues as it would in a raucous jewel tone jamboree. The indeterminate style of the piece further contributes to this attractive versatility. While it features some more traditional flourishes, the overall shape conforms to modern simplicity, meaning it could fit in with a wide variety of decor styles. It’s also under $45. 

Mid Century Brass Swivel Adjustable Floor Lamp Clam Shell Shade, $50

Alright, I’ll admit this one is a little out there (although if you have hung with me through the pink hand-planter then you’ll get it), but let me explain: The base and stem of this floor lamp are what you’d expect of a standard vintage industrial piece. That’s why I find it so delightful that instead of being capped by a standard rounded shade, this funky girl sports a shell! The reason why this works is because it’s rendered entirely in seasonless brass. 

Mid-Century Beehive Bubble Lamp Glass Shade Rare Round Shape, $38

The bubble lamp design is a great choice for adding lighting into a vignette at a lower height (say, in front of a leaning painting) or to create the focal point of a nightstand or side table. This one has a classic wood base topped by a fluted glass shade detail that stokes subtle interest.

Hollywood Regency Brass Mushroom Laurel Floor Lamp, $400

I know, I know. This beauty is outside of the sub-Benjamin Franklin budget we’ve been working with. Hear me out once more: First, the simplicity of this mid-century mushroom style shape means it never goes out of style. Second, I’ve never seen one in all brass like this. It would be such a tasteful eye-catcher in a variety of seating areas (spice up that grey midcentury sofa already!). Also, the shipping is free.

Mid-Century Modern Green Gerald Thurston Style Table Lamp, $50

Remember how we spoke about the merits of green lamps earlier? Let us return once more to that worthy topic. I’m still all about this color for an unexpected yet unobtrusive accent to a living room or bedroom, and the shape of option may better suit those with going the mid-century route.


Ahead, you’ll find a variety of objet d’art that will add shape, texture, color, and charisma to your surfaces. Play with them, enjoy the view, rearrange, and repeat.

Vintage Wooden Candle Stick Holders, Set of 6, $11

This little family of handsome wooden candle stick holders warms my heart in a way that normal folks probably can’t understand. But, if you’ve come this far on this journey with me, I’m guessing you understand. The variety in height and silhouette but commonality of material means these can be arranged and rearranged in endless combinations (a stylist’s dream). Plus, you can inexpensively swap out candle color to suit the season.

Set Of 6 Hexagonal Pink Marble Stone Coasters, $16

If you’re a sane human who believes in proper coffee table maintenance, you’re already here for coasters. But let me ask you this: Are you currently using pink hexagonal marble coasters? If not, start living your best life with these vintage treats.

Carved Chinese Lion Wooden Art Sculpture, $24.99

They say three’s a trend, so I think we can officially declare it time for fierce felines. This roaring king of the jungle is carved in a lovely auburn wood and those eyes make me laugh every time. Find a perch for this guy on top of a stack of books, or on your nightstand to remind you to rule the day.

Vintage 1950s Retro Pink Detecto Metal Bathroom Scale, $9.99

First off, let me just say that you are beautiful just as you are and no number can ever define your worth. That said, if you do choose to house a scale in your bathroom, please make it this one. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better scale.

Mid-Century Modern Solid Wood Fruit Bowl Basket, $25

Is it a sculpture? Or is it a fruit bowl? These are the questions I find myself asking in the noble pursuit of great design. Regardless, this piece immediately lends itself to styling because of its material (I’m highly partial to light, natural woods), sculptural shape, and multifunctional nature (air plants, pears, or a yarn collection would each look equally at home nested here). 

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