Acrylic Painting Autumn Flower with Abstract Visual Texture

Panting a flower on an abstract background painting. Easy autumn flower acrylic painting demo . Background was pre-painted using an acrylic painting technique with plastic wrap (see video link below for tutorial). Painting was tinted with orange acrylic paint wash. Flower design was drawn with a white charcoal pencil and a compass. Flower petals were painted with red acrylic paint wash and yellow acrylic paint wash. The background around the flower and the center of the flower was painted with brown acrylic paint wash. The acrylic paint used to tint the visually textured background painting was thinned out with water to make a paint wash. Acrylic painting, acrylic painting floral, easy flower painting, how to paint flowers, floral acrylic painting, simple painting, acrylic painting tutorial,acrylic painting tutorial for beginners, earn to paint flowers, acrylic painting techniques


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