ABMfooddriveHey, guys! We wanted to share the results of our food drive. On Sunday afternoon we hung out at White’s Mercantile and collected food for Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee. You guys donated a little over 200 pounds of food, which translates to 200 meals. Awesome!

In addition, our virtual food drive raised a lot of money for both Emma’s and my local food bank. 

We had a chance to tour my local food bank (thanks, Courtney!) when we dropped off the food yesterday and wow—it was really inspiring!! 

Thanks so much for participating! It means a lot to us and, more importantly, it makes a big difference in our communities. Hugs and high fives to everyone. xx -Elsie + Emma 

*photos are cheesy snaps from our Instagram Story—didn’t get any real photos, but you get the idea, right?