Today it’s a modern and open home but not so long ago it used to be an old and neglected house. It has a bunch of small rooms and an attic and it wasn’t really suited for a modern lifestyle. Then its current owners went to TSEH Architectural Group for help with the reconstruction of the house.

After the reconstruction, the house became more open and spacious
The living room is a double-height space with a fireplace in the corner

The reconstruction of the house was completed in 2017. It now serves as a cozy and bright home to its owners and their pet dogs. The architects made sure to take into consideration their clients’ inclination towards a simple style and a practical decor. One of the most major changes was the removal of the internal walls.

The polished concrete flooring is a sign of simplicity and modernism
The new floor plan combines the kitchen, living and dining spaces into one zone

The original house layout was not suitable for a modern lifestyle. There were a lot of small rooms and even an attic space. The architects removed the walls and the attic and created a double-height living space which together with the dining area and the kitchen forms an open floor plan.

The kitchen has large windows with simple blinds and a gray color palette
There’s this whitewashed brick wall section behind the fireplace that adds some texture to the decor

The house is located in Kiev, Ukraine and has a total surface of 141 square meters. The largest area is the social space. The dining table is at the center, with the kitchen on one side and the lounge area on the other. The living room is furnished with a comfortable gray sofa that faces a large TV with firewood stored underneath. The fireplace is positioned in the corner.

The dining area is at the center of the space, between the kitchen and the living area
The dining table is well illuminated from above and has chairs in two different colors

The dining space is simple, featuring this six-person table with a simple wooden top that reveals the beautiful grain of the material. It’s complemented by chic and classical chairs in two different colors: light blue and mustard yellow.

The master bedroom is spacious and has this robust and very cozy-looking bed
The bedroom is decorated with dark accent tones of grey, blue and purple on a white background

The bedroom is large and open, featuring polished concrete flooring just like the living space. The bed is big and robust but it looks incredibly cozy and comfortable.

The master bathroom is big and very open, with little furniture overall
The walls are white, the floor is gray and the furniture is made of wood, adding warmth to the space

The architects made sure to make the house a great home for the dogs as well so they added this grill floor in the bathroom so they can wash their paws without making a mess.

The shower has this grid floor designed specifically with the clients’ dogs in mind
The guest bathroom is equally simplistic and stylish, being mainly focused on shades of gray

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