Have you ever played that game where you take a map, close your eyes and point with your finger somewhere on it? When I was a kid I did that and dreamt that one day I will live on that places or at least I will visit it. At the end of November – the Thanksgiving weekend in USA – we did that with the map of Oregon and went to explore the South part of Oregon.


The idea started as a joke but turned out very well, because we wanted to explore something unknown and different. Most people relate Oregon with Portland and its beautiful north coastline – so here we are, road trip to… Florence, Oregon and the vicinity.


I don’t need to tell you how beautiful this place was – wide beaches, driftwoods and amazing coastline. The most impressive for me were the beaches where people just go to watch the sunset sitting on a sand dune. The driftwood thrown out by the ocean created different installations and forms.radostina_oregon_florence_the_beach



And when you turn around from the beach – here comes the forest. The choices that the nature offers in Oregon is just fascinating.



Have you ever been near Florence, Oregon?
If not here is what to see:
Cobble beach (here are more pictures)
Sea lion cave
Heceta Beach


Where to eat:
Riverside Restaurant
Nature’s Corner Cafe and Market




photography: radostina