Sundays for me are all about recharging batteries and preparing for the workweek to come. This morning will be spend relaxing, while as in the afternoon I will start writing out my week plan so I will know exactly the things I have to do next week and when I will be doing them. This is a habit I started to implement since this year and it does wonders for my productivity. 

I make the bed after waking up, but in the weekend I spend time relaxing in it as well, so I will make it extra pretty and comfortable. I’m still hooked on the chequered wool blanket from Arket* which keeps my feet warm at night and I love the extra dimension it adds to the bed. I recently got a lightweight cotton blanket from H&M* as well with white and beige stripes and I love how soft it is, perfect for the warmer months. I love to play around with the color palette in this room and currently I added a touch of green in the pillowcase*, which has such a subtile effect on the space.


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