Why hello there Monday! Can I just launch straight into the home tour today? Only because I can’t wait for you to feel the harmonious vibe from every room in this beautiful Swedish home. The soft serene tones, the cosy blankets, that piano.  This space really is the perfect remedy for anyone having a hectic start to the week! Enjoy!

Credits: Photography: Janne Olander styling: Grey Deco for Stadshem found here with thanks.

….isn’t this space lovely?!

My favourite thing has to be that piano, how about you? One of my little girls asked if she could start learning to play the other day and as you can imagine I was overly encouraging (you only have to see this Pinterest board to understand why!!)- and then PB informed me that they learn on keyboards these days. Seriously?! Please tell me this is not so?! 

Do you have a piano in your home?

A few other items I know and love: kitchen: dough bowl (if that one is sold try here for other beautiful ones) series 7 chairs. sitting room blanket, linen cushions in muted tones, butterfly chair, karlstad sofa. Office / bedroom: white bentwood chairs, sheepskin throw, lovely heavy weight linen throw in black.

You can see more pics of this serene space over at Stadshem  (it’s for sale….yup!). 

Have a wonderful start to the week!