We don’t usually get excited about a garden unless there’s also a beautiful house near it. Still, we couldn’t resist this one and we just had to share it with you. This is a garden designed by Romanian architect Dragos Isacescu who somehow managed to completely transform a plain and muddy site into a green oasis.

The garden is pretty big, covering 3 hectares of land, big enough to include a lake
The architect didn’t treat this as a typical home garden which usually has lots of colorful flowers
Instead of perennial flowers which only last for a short period of time, trees and shrubs were used

The garden occupies three hectares of land which have been completely remodeled. To create the lake, a lot of earth had to be excavated but it didn’t go to waste. It was used to raised a small hill on the shore of the lake, sort of like a platform on which to put a gazebo. The lake measures 2200 square meters across and is 2.5 meters deep.

The trees are of different special and they ensure a beautiful image throughout the year
You can see here how the lake started to take shape in the early stages of the project
Some of the areas had to be excavated and the earth was reused elsewhere, shaping the garden

The entire project took around 2 years of intense work from start to finish During this time the lake was completed and koi fish took residence in it, a swimming pool was built as well and a few other features including an outdoor kitchen and a gazebo designed by the architect which sits on a small hill consolidated with a concrete structure and lots of rocks.

The changes to the land were major and complex but they all had a role in the final design
What was once a flat and boring piece of land is now a dynamic and green garden full of surprises

This sort of dreamy backyard landscape is extraordinary not only when enjoyed outdoors but also when admired through a window. Picture the freshness and the vibrant decor that this garden brings inside the house. All the water features establish a very serene and tranquil ambiance which is completed by the vegetation.

There’s even a waterfall that was artificially created using rocks from the site
The earth excavated from the lake was used to raise a small hill on its shore

Speaking of which, the the vegetation consists mostly of trees and shrubs which were prefered instead of perennial flowers which only add color and beauty to the garden for a short period of time. Mature trees were transported on site and then planted, boosting the garden’s charm and allowing it to take its final shape. They ensure a constant palette of vibrant colors throughout the year.

A swimming pool was also created and it has a beautiful, organic shape, resembling a tiny lake
The pool is surrounded by a desk and the trees offer it protection on one side
This is how the property looks like when seen with Google maps
You can distinguish the pool, the lake and even all the trees that surround them

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