A Snippet of my Symphonic Journey Experience

Talking short is harder than talking long. I had eight two-minute talks to give as my part of a Boston Pops concert last week, and I worked hard to get it right. I practiced in my hotel room, on stage before people arrived, and then did it for real — in front of a sold-out house. Each time I introduced a piece, it was an opportunity to show off the value of a tour guide who can set the scene to help you appreciate European culture.

I was reluctant to distract myself by playing with my phone, but the thrill of being part of a Boston Pops performance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and an amazing conductor was a highlight of my tour-guiding career, and I had to share a snippet of the experience with you.

We debuted this concert with my hometown orchestra several years ago, but just this year other orchestras have been booking it themselves. After Boston, I’ve got Colorado (Sept. 15), Houston (Oct. 12-13), and Seattle (Jan. 17) booked. If you like history, music, and travel, this is a fusion of those delights, resulting in a delightful experience. (You can watch the original concert streaming at www.ricksteves.com/symphonic-journey.)