I’m always so inspired by the beautiful turn-of-the-century apartments that I share here on the blog, and even though I dream of one day living in such a place, I think a building of any year can be made cozy and inviting, just as this place in Sweden proves. They key is to work with your base furniture in natural colors, and then add lots of textures in the textiles and accessories to add character and coziness.

The sofa area in front of the window is the part of the room that gets the most natural light, and I love the way the windows are framed with those sheer beige curtains*. The dark beige linen cover of the sofa is paired up with pillow cases in tints of beige and brown* and I love the vintage Dux easy chair in linen, which matches the look of this space perfectly.

The bench on the opposite wall of the sofa is great for decor pieces and a statement lamp and the area rugs in this combined living and dining space separate the funcitonal areas visually. 

The round dining table with the vintage wooden chairs make for a cozy dining area in the corner next to the bedroom door and the large bookshelf works perfectly against the dining area wall. Even though this room is rather long and narrow, it has been made stylish and spacious. 

The bedroom has a very modest look which matches the beige color palette in the rest of the apartment. Next to the bedroom, there is a small room, which is the perfect spot for a home office. I think the desk looks great in front of the window like that, it makes me want to move my desk in front of the window as well.

Styled by Grey Deco for Alvhem

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