Gone are the days of sitting in sterile rows from 9 till 5 surrounded by crisp white walls and florescent lights with one eye fixed on the clock. Your workplace should be somewhere where your employees feel safe, comfortable, and inspired! Many modern workplaces are looking at ways of incorporating contemporary office furniture and solutions into their offices to ensure a happy, healthy, and efficient working environment. From furniture to furnishings to the very basics, this post looks at different ways you can modernize your office and make it a place where your staff want to be.

Office Furniture

Hot desking

With a lot of office workers using laptops, tablets and phones for their work, hot desking may be the perfect office solution for you. Hot desking allows staff to move around the office without an assigned desk. This flexible approach to working provides easy access for people to move freely around the office and opens the office up to easy collaboration when working on a project together.



Sit Stand Desks

Sit/Stand desks are one of a number of latest office trends. They allow you to stand at your desk which is said to benefit your health in a number of ways, including increasing the blood flow and burning more calories. Providing the option for staff to not be sat around all day, the standing desk is a helpful modern idea.



Creative Ideas

Fish Tanks

Having a fish tank in the office can provide a therapeutic effect for staff. Fish tanks provide a unique/quirky feature to the office and improves a mundane design. Fish tanks are known to alleviate anxiety and help people feel relaxed.



Real Plants

Real plants provide lots of office benefits. They are known to improve the quality of the air and therefore can result in reduced sickness and absence. The presence of living plants has also been said to decrease stress levels.

Sofa/Breakout space

Sofas and breakout sections from the office are a great way to help staff members relax and take a break from their work. It also doubles up as as a more comfortable place for employees to do their work if they wish. Sofas and soft seating areas are perfect for lunch breaks and are available in many colours and patterns; a great way to spice up a dull office design.


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Branded wall stickers/branding

Having branded material and motivational quotes on desks or featured on walls will help to provide a professional look within the office, whilst also not being permanent. You can display your business tagline, your favourite motivational quotes, or anything that reflects your company culture, values or mission.



Music in the office

This is quite a standard feature in most modern offices. Music can help stimulate office creativity and increase productivity, that is if everyone can agree on what to listen to! Why not have each employee create a playlist which you can then add together and play on shuffle? Another idea is to assign a genre or theme to a particular day of the week, for example Thursday could be 80’s music and you could use pre-made playlists from Spotify, Youtube etc.

The basics

Hide wires

There are a number of ways to hide messy wires showing all over the workplace, including cable risers for computer desk wire management and cable management trays for simple cable storage.


Adding colour to the office

When done right, color can help to revitalize the office and stimulate creativity in employees. If you don’t want lots of color, try adding little pops of color within storage, cabinets and seating to help bring some added life to the office design.


Communal Tables

Tables that allow staff to sit together and remove themselves from their desks will help to encourage social activity in the workplace. Communal tables also allow staff to work and eat away from their desks, and most importantly take a break from staring at their computer screen. Therefore, helping avoid eye strain, headaches and improve concentration.


Ergonomic office chairs

Office ergonomics are vital in the modern era. With seating designed to prevent health issues including back ache and RSI (repetitive strain injury).

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