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The sectional has long been a place of design-contention in every home when it comes to picking out and purchasing product for the room. Do you include a sectional in the design of the room to create a cozy lounge area that you just want to relax into every time you walk past? Or do you nix the sectional idea and design the room with a sofa and a pair of chairs so the room feels more formal and structured? Our answer… both. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. There are so many good sectional options out there now that give you the comfort you want while staying stylish.

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Sectionals got a bad reputation after years and years (the 80’s and 90’s) of product that came out that seemed to have way too much stuffing, little curves and out of proportion parts. And it wasn’t just the sectional, read through this post which calls out our number one design mistake of “the generic sofa”. But retailers got the clue and have since been introducing more slimline, sleek and well-proportioned additions to the lineup. With all the options out there you can now find a sectional that can work into the design of just about any room no matter how formal it needs to be. They also give you the option of a little more seating without having to over-furnish your room with a bunch of chairs which makes them great for small spaces. See, the sectional isn’t so bad after all.

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But while sectionals have become more appealing on the eyes, they can be less appealing on your pocketbook unless you do quite a bit of digging. And while if you do have the budget you should invest in a piece that can work for many years, not everyone is ready to invest in an expensive piece or has a large budget. So we decided that it was time to do a bit of digging ourselves and roundup a collection of sectionals all online for purchase that are budget friendly. Yep, that is right, 32 budget-friendly sofas all under $1500, with 14 of them coming in at under $750. A lot of these come in a handful of different colors so if you see one you like but are looking for it in a different color then click to see the other options that they have. And just as a reminder these roundups are clickable, so when you hover over the roundups you can now click through to each specific product.

1. Navy Modern | 2. Tomlin | 3. Mid-Century Modern Light Grey Linen | 4. Monterey | 5. Mendosia | 6. KIVIK | 7. Hambrick | 8. Faux Black Leather | 9. Large Navy | 10. Grey Reversible | 11. Grey Futon Sectional | 12. Perrault | 13. VIMLE | 14. Linen Fabric Sleeper Futon

1. Ronda | 2. Inside + Out | 3. Plateau 2-Piece Chaise | 4. Chamberlin Recycled Leather | 5. Ptolema Mid-Century Modern | 6. VALLENTUNA | 7. Bobkona Belinda | 8. Eddy | 9. Selenan | 10. Beckham 2-Piece | 11. Danyel | 12. Pardo Small | 13. Trapez 2-Piece Chaise | 14. Merian Modern High Back Linen | 15. Bickel | 16. SODERHAMN | 17. Chiltern Modular | 18. Lungo Contemporary Fabric

Although all of these stylistically get an A+, we haven’t been able to try out a lot of them in person. So let us know if you have tried any of these yourselves and can give an honest review of how they have held up.

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