News flash: the sun has arrived in Southern Sweden. And I’m not just talking glimpses behind the clouds, hat and scarves kinda sun, I’m talking proper, warm-on-the-skin stuff! The type that you could actually get a slight tan and a few freckles from. Hurrah! A warm sunny day is not something Scandinavians take lightly, after all, we’ve waited a long time for this. Walk down any street or through the local park and you’ll see sleeves rolled up and faces angled towards the sun. Feeling inspired to join the fun, I decided to order a new pair of sunnies from Swedish brand TRIWA (who just happen to make sunglasses as well as uber cool watches). A few days later four pretty pairs arrived in the post. In fact they’re so fabulous, I decided that rather than stash them on a shelf to collect dust (in between the sunny days!) they deserve their own home.

Feeling inspired, I ordered this glass box with brass edges (you can also buy a similar one here and here – do double check the measurements though first to check your sunglasses fit) – which is perfect for all four pairs (and no doubt two more – yes, that could well be a hint!).
I think it makes a nice little addition to my dressing table (in the form of an antique chest-of-drawers found in my Swedish father-in-laws attic), plus it’ll keep them dust and hopefully free from little finger prints too!

A note on the sunnies: I have to admit picking out sunglasses is no easy feat for me – I happen to have the smallest head E.V.E.R (I get it from my Mum!). But I was thrilled with all four pairs – here’s a little more info on each:

1. Smoke Miles
2. Turtle Bonnie
3. Pina Folk
4. Peach Nicki

I’d have found it tricky to choose just one (besides, is it me, or is it really hard to try on sunglasses by yourself?!) had it not been for a quick poll on IG Stories last week. It turns out Smoke Miles and Peach Nicki suit me the best – pretty pleased with that! Do you have your eye on a pair?

See the complete men and womens sunglasses collections over on TRIWA (ships worldwide!). 

Bring on the sunshine!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with TRIWA, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful brands that make MSHB possible!



Romwe DE, US