Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеThe right combination of colors in clothing is the main component of the female image. So you should pay attention to the selection of suitable shades. Every woman has a favorite color that she prefers, not one, but several. And the ability to combine them together depends on how fashionable and stylish will look.

Green is considered one of the most common in nature. The color of harmony and tranquility promotes relaxation of the nervous system, is associated with youth, the tranquility, so it is always popular and always present in many fashion trends.

What colors harmonize with the green?

The most natural of all the colors is rich in a variety of shades: from light, refreshing, to rich, deep, perfectly combined with other colors. Correctly chosen combination of shades to create a harmonious image. This table will help the right choice among the main shades of green and other colors.

Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одежде
[note]the Green color turned out from merge of blue and yellow in the color wheel is between them.[/note]

Part of these colors refers to the cold, and part lukewarm. Due to its belonging to the nature of this color has innumerable colours in spring and summer one can observe the combination of green with other colors.

How to create the image?

Light green is a lightness and freshness, femininity and romance. To this scheme include:

    Pistachio; mint; cabbage.

They are recommended by designers to create a summer style or as a top for an office suit.
A positive attitude carry shades of bright green:

    Herbal; lime; turquoise.

With their help, get playful and sometimes daring looks for young girls.

Darkened shades of green: emerald and bottle – color of elegant and luxurious images, which are well suited for office suits. Dark green with the addition of brown or gray, is the main styles of «military», «Safari» and «casual».

As a recommendation for fashionistas, it should be noted that the warm shades of green are more suitable for blonde girls, and cold – tanned brunettes.

How to combine green?

The presence in the wardrobe of things green hues makes them the owner to know the basic rules of their combination. This is necessary to avoid failures in the creation of their images. First of all it is necessary to remember that the cold shades of green combined with the same shades of other colors.

Green and white
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеAlways a win-win combination. Any shade of green in combination with white look in the summer sets. White pants or a dress jacket is complemented by turquoise, lime or mint hue color will give the appearance of freshness and elegance.

Green and red
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеCombination for self-confident women, attracts attention, and therefore, penalties should not be. It is important to prevent coarseness in the image or not to make it too dull and unattractive. Therefore, the bright shade of the same color must be combined with light other. In this case, it is possible to make fairly good kits, for example:

    Dark green dress with shoes of scarlet color; light green blouse and Burgundy pants; top is a warm color with a khaki skirt, tomato-red; Apple-green sundress with a light coral summer hat.

Green and orange
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеIncluded with this combination successfully looks a bright shade of green, but not pale. For orange there are no restrictions: the saturated or muted would look good on a green background as a print or color accessories.

Green and yellow
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеOne of the most important and positive combinations. Once submitted to bright yellow hats of the dandelions on background of green grass. Due to the variety of both shade you can use them to create ensembles for romantic girls and cheeky girls. In any case, the image will incur a charge of joy and optimism.

Green and brown
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеThese two natural colors in harmony with each other. Elegant and Mature look sets out a quiet, green, brown ottenkov:

    Swamp trench coat and high brown boots; tunic with leopard-print pants mint hue; emerald sundress with sumaji sandals in pink and brown colors.

Green and purple
Природная гармония зеленого цвета и как его носить в одеждеThe combination of complete cold emerald, turquoise shades of green with purple can give the appearance of romance or elegance, depending on the selected shade. Pale light green color clothing goes well with a delicate lilac or pale lilac accessories. For an evening of magnificent images is preferable to a deep, dark tones of green and purple.

The popularity of green gives it the ability to soothe and please the eye. All the shades look all images of any styles and trends for girls and women of any age. A variety of options to combine green with other colors give a lot of opportunities for creating original color combinations in clothing.