Home to a power couple, this midcentury revival penthouse is nested in the heart of Guatemala City. It is the place where an acclaimed journalist and former CNN anchorman and his spouse, a renowned restaurateur who is transforming the pallet of Guatemalan cuisine, call home.

The penthouse sits in 8,500 square feet recently remodeled in a 1970s building, reviving and accentuating its linear architecture and bringing back to life a midcentury jewel.

Entering the property trough a vintage elevator with direct access to the penthouse unveils the couples taste for art and midcentury design. The interiors designed by Diego Olivero from Olivero Bland Studio work as a gallery for their art collection as well as the treasures the couple collected through out their travels around the globe.

Four gardens surround the two-story apartment, connecting them through an industrial yellow iron contemporary staircase that becomes a centerpiece overlooking the city and its volcanoes.

“The penthouse is designed to accentuate the gardens that surround it”
The owners passion for cooking and entertaining played a major role in the design of the space, explains Olivero, the open kitchen overlooks the main garden and living room connecting all spaces through the use of artisanal concrete tiles made by local craftsmen in Guatemala.

Different volumes and textures blend together in the interior design of this home, accentuating and creating different focal points as you discover the space. The dinning room, which sits fourteen guests in an oval glass and metal table, is surrounded by midcentury wooden and leather chairs, a massive two-sided wood burning fireplace that suggests intimacy for the dinning while still connecting the space to the main living room.

Overlooking the dinning room a small room that serves as a private bar for intimate conversations, the furniture chosen adds a pop of color and creates contrast with the natural pallet used through out the whole space.

The home office is where the magic happens. This space overlooks the south garden of the apartment holding amazing views of the mountains and the volcanoes. The journalists’ book collection and international awards populate the shelves and walls of the studio, serving as inspiration and reminder of the creative talent and the positive impact of a successful career that continues to grow.

“A Fun and Creative Couple, resides in this midcentury penthouse in the center of Guatemala”

On the second floor of the apartment we can find the terrace suite, surrounded by geometric gardens that invade the apartment, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Glass covers the walls of the suite bringing natural light and creating shadows for the art and furniture collection.

Exterior Spaces with artisanal concrete tiles connect the inside and the outside.
Living Room portraying a collection of vintage and midcentury furniture thats interact together.
The dinning room offer space for fourteen people around an oval glass table, with wood accent furniture and columns to create an intimate space.
A view of the dinning and living room! A contemporary fireplace booth connects and gives privacy to each room.
Architectural and Furniture Details for the Mid Century Revival penthouse in a 1970's original building.


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