Mid-century design is certainly not a newcomer to decor trends. For years now, looks coveted by the most style-conscious include those 1950s marvels inspired by design giants like Eames and architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. Despite its popularity, there are still designers creating their own unique spins on the mid-century style, including visualizer Aleksandr Kalinov, whose work is featured here. This California house employs some of the breezy, comfortable elements that are familiar to that region, along with the clean mid-century modern lines and plenty of lush, touchable textures. Take a look inside of this modern, open home that is not afraid to be a bit trendy.

Entering the living room, visitors are instantly struck by how open the relatively modest house feels.

Sweeping lines from the spacious backyard into the open living room are long and straight.

The furniture likewise features clean, calming lines with low sofas, coffee tables, and dining chairs.

The wood paneling on the wall is another distinctly mid-century inspiration –it is both warm and vintage.

The dining room features chairs that are a bit more modern than mid-century,
as well as dining room pendant lights that have a bit of retro appeal.

The color palette has a California cool to it, with lots of bare wood grain, whites, and grays.

Of course, what California luxury home is complete without a swimming pool and backyard palms.

One of the more stunning features of this home is the textured teal wall, which sets off perfectly the decorative candles held in gold candlesticks.

The wood flooring is not the same color as the wood paneled walls, so it adds a bit of interesting contrast.

Moving into the decadent bedroom, we find the simple in a decorative vase

…and the luxurious in a stunning gold room divider.

Smooth and shiny walls are balanced out by plush carpeting, which does not tend to be the choice of most modern homeowners, but is very aligned with the mid-century look.

The luxurious green color comes back in the bedding, and works perfectly with the gold accents.

The use of 4 poster beds is not limited to mid-century design and in fact, the material chosen for this one almost has an 80s flair to it.

Abstract art also gained popularity during the mid-century design period, so its inclusion here works.

Indeed, the art theme even carries into the bathroom with its abstract wall design.

Marble and stone give this luxurious bathroom a bit of a California vibe.

A black tub and picture window finish off this tour of a sunny and stunning house in California.

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