This easy project is enough to add just a little St. Patrick’s Day spirit to your home or office.

You can choose to make this garland with as many letters as you like, but in today’s tutorial I made mine to say “LUCKY”. But my favourite touches are the glitter four leaf clovers!

Craft Smart 5.2″ x 4.1″ yellow banner (from Michaels)2 1/4″ gold adhesive letters (from Target)Green glitter card stock1 1/2″ heart punchTape Clear adhesive rhinestonesJute twineScissors


Add a letter to each pendant forming your word or phrase. Mine say’s “LUCKY”. Then punch out four hearts for a clover. I made three (so 12 hearts in total).

Attach the hearts together by tape. Add a rhinestone to the centre. String the jute through the holes of the pendants, and attach the clovers where you want them to go by tape.

Total time: about 15 minutes.


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