Having experienced twelve long, dark Swedish winters – it’s safe to say I’ve become slightly obsessed with light. As a result, I’ve done everything possible to draw every last drop of sunlight into my home (lightened the floors, white washed the walls and knocked down walls) and I’ve even written a book about it! So imagine how excited I was when I discovered the Melbourne home and studio of architect Andrew Maynard, inspired by a wish to need to wear sunglasses indoors?! Told by his doctor that a lack of light could be partially to blame for his work-related stress, Andrew and his partner decided to create a space which would bathe them in ‘sunlight’ and drench them in ‘vitamin D’.  And just to be sure it truly captured that ‘bright (bright) sunshiney day’ feeling, he added splashes of sunny yellow for good measure!

Architecture: Andrew Maynard Architects. Photography: Tess Kelly. Found via Dezeen with thanks.

What a great concept?!

Would you consider doing this in your home? As Andrew readily admits, there are limitations with a design like this – such as letting the sunshine in, in places where there definitely shouldn’t sunshine! But the sunny yellow colour and abundance of light  ure does put a smile on your face, right? 

Look out for the inspiring space-saving ideas and clever solutions too – such as book shelves above doors and shelves built into the stairs – love!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

I just realised it’s been absolutely ages since I shared a home with splashes of yellow – I even had to root around to find the archive -if you’re in a sunny mood and feel like a little more ‘yellow’ interior inspiration here it is (if this home comes up first just scroll passed it!). 

Oh and before I head off – sorry if I’ve seen a little rushed this week, I’m in the final stages of a big project and it’s been a bit hectic (my family will tell you that’s an understatement!) – including a computer crash yesterday (how much do you dread the words – “have you backed-up your hard drive”?!).  But do you know what? It’s all cool…. and it’s friday people, FRIDAY – woohoo! I hope you’ve got some great things planned?

Have a lovely sunny weekend!