Looking for an apartment for rent in metropolitan areas like Singapore isn’t supposed to be a tough task. You only need to get the help of local agents, give them a list of your requirements, and pick which apartment tickles your fancy.

But most house hunters focus so much on getting the perfect vibe they forget to look out for other things. Red flags that they missed because they are so caught up on that kitchen backsplash. If you want the perfect apartment, you also need to check what makes it the more secure, safe, and comfortable option.

Don’t worry, to help you make the right decision, here’s a list of things you need to tick when finding an apartment.

Accessible location

An apartment is a more practical option than getting a house because it’s affordable and easier. So don’t make life complicated by choosing a place that’s far from everything you’ll want and need to go to. Make sure it’s located near key places like hospitals, malls, and restaurants. Also find a place that will cut your commute or drive time to and from work so you can easily relax after a busy day in the office.

A Helpful Checklist for Finding the Perfect Apartment

Tight security

What you want is a strict vetting system for visitors. Once you visit an apartment building, check if the guards ask for ID and confirm the visit to their tenant. See if they also check bags once a visitor comes in. Knowing that they are very strict about who they let in the building and are doing rounds every few hours will make that apartment a safer option.

Take this opportunity to ask their rules about letting friend in. Should you call security in advance? Are you supposed to accompany them from the lobby? What are they not allowed to bring.

Facilities and inclusions

Some apartments come with extra fees because they maintain free facilities for the tenants like a gym or a swimming pool. If these are things that you like in an apartment building, make sure you check them out as well. See if the equipment is up-to-date, if the place is clean, and if tenants are enjoying themselves.

Be wary of questions you’re being asked

While you’re hunting for the best place for you, landlords are also making sure they don’t get rowdy and problematic tenants. However, that is not an excuse to be discriminated upon. Remember that there are questions they are not allowed to ask, especially if it doesn’t affect your stay in their apartment. If they start asking about your ethnicity, religion, gender, and other personal questions like it, strike it out of the list.

A Helpful Checklist for Finding the Perfect Apartment

Complete list of fees

Apartment usually ask for a security deposit which, if you don’t trash the place while you’re there, you can get by the end of your lease. Other than this, ask the landlord for a breakdown of your monthly fees which should already include utilities and additional fees for the amenities. This will help you budget your expenses every month and adjust your spending even before you sign the lease.

Rules and policies

Ask about the general rules an apartment has before finalising your decision. For instance, the building you like might not allow pets in the facility, but you’ve been planning to get a dog for the longest time. This would mean that if you really want to get a dog, you’ll have to forego that option and choose a pet-friendly building.

Make sure you know their policy about noise, visitors, and maintenance issues like piping problems. You can also ask about renovations if you plan on doing one in the future.

The last thing to think about now once you’ve chosen a place is if you’re going to sign for a year or for 6 months only. Some landlords might allow you the latter since they offer flexible contracts. However, the former has been known to be the affordable option since longer contracts usually come with a discount.

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