This beautiful, sunlit, turn-of-the-century Swedish apartment has so much character and looks very fresh and inviting at the same time. The old fireplace in the living room has a mint green color, which really stands out against the white walls and soft wooden floors and adds something special to the room. The white sofa combined with the light area rug brightens up the space even more and I love the combination of art prints  on the wall with a warm color palette, which comes back in the darker wood of the coffee table and the sideboard next to the door going to the bedroom.

The living room and bedroom are connected by those beautiful old wing doors and I love that this can be closed for privacy, but can also become one big space. The kitchen has a simple grey design with brass finishes and I love that the brass of the handles comes back in the brackets of the wall shelving above the sink.

The bedroom has a very delicate look, with a light grey color on the wall combined with lots of beiges in the textiles on the bed. I think the Ay Illuminate fabric pendant light fits this look so well and there is even a little spot for a work desk next to the window.

via Alvhem

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