For some, the most important part of setting the dining table is the centerpiece. Others prefer to let the food be the centerpiece. Whatever you decide for your own dining table, just make sure it looks lovely and that it’s an enjoyable as it looks. But back to the centerpieces, let’s discuss this idea a little bit. You may not be the type of person that usually gives importance to these things but you have to admit that a centerpiece can sometimes have a big impact on the overall decor.

Before you start thinking about centerpieces, make sure you’re happy with the furniture arrangement
The table centerpiece needs to complement the setting and to be in sync with the ambiance you want to create
On a small table, there’s not much room for decorations so you have to find alternatives

Unlike the rules that teach you how to set a table, there are no specific rules when it comes to centerpieces. Basically the idea is to choose whatever you think looks best or what best complements your table and room decor. We have a bunch of ideas that you can try. For instance, if you prefer something simple, you can let the table or the chairs around it do all the talking. A dining table with bench seating will look cozy but one with colorful or diversified chair styles, forms and colors will stand out visually.

Candles have always been popular as centerpieces and to make yours stand out you can find some interesting votives
Rely on fresh flowers to create a romantic and bohemian decor in the dining room
Decorate the table with potted plants or freshly cut flowers and create a pleasant and casual atmosphere
The placement of the centerpiece has to be decided based on the size and shape of the table
There’s power in numbers so consider grouping several objects to make a statement

Speaking of simple things, sometimes it’s fun to go back to the basics and to decorate the dining table with fresh flowers or, if you want something a bit more unusual you can also try it with vegetables. There are lots of combinations and ideas you can try. For example, you can put together a bouquet of different types of flowers that share in common the same color or you can casually display a bundle of veggies at the center of the table to create a bountiful image. Put the flowers in a clear glass vase to keep the focus on them.

The centerpieces don’t have to be extravagant or large to stand out
Of course, nothing stands out than a large bouquet of flowers or a majestic floral arrangement
Keep the dining table setting simple and inviting by using neutral colors

Instead of vases, you can use bottles for a more casual and bohemian look. The bottles can be painted or covered with twine and they can have different sizes and shapes. Also, flowers and veggies can be displayed in bowls and baskets and vases can be displayed as such, with nothing else to distract the attention from their beautiful and interesting designs.

Bottles can be used as alternatives to flower vases and they can actually look very charming
A table runner can add color and texture to the whole table setting

Consider grouping objects like vases bottles or candles and to rely on numbers and diversity to make a statement. For example, you can put together objects that have different shapes and sizes but the same color or that share something else in common that makes them look good together. Candles usually look great in groups. They light up the room and they can be organized and displayed in lots of interesting ways.

If you want, you can allow your pendant lamps or chandelier to take on the role of a centerpiece
Play with various different colors to make the centerpieces look fresh and cheerful
You can also mix contrasting textures and colors to highlight certain details

In case none of these ideas appeal perhaps something a bit more untraditional, something unique would be best suited for your dining table. Perhaps you’d like to have a fish bowl or a small aquarium as a centerpiece. It would look exotic and tranquil. Another interesting idea is to opt for a living centerpiece such as a planter at the center of the table, filled with fresh grass and other things. Similarly to this, a terrarium can look quite lovely on a dining table and you can decorate it with all the things that you like, even create a mini garden if you like.

Put a cluster of empty vases at the center of the table and they’ll act like sculptures
The most important thing to remember when picking the centerpiece is that things that make you happy always look good

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