I’m kicking off October (my favorite month) with the Dollar Tree to share this DIY Halloween series. Each costume is made using supplies from their stores. The catch? All the supplies have to be under 7 items (7$). We also made sure the projects were under 1 hour. 

For this first one I was inspired by their Halloween Decor. I wanted to incorporate their spooky black bouquets into a crown. My goal was to design something that had a fashion-forward, couture look to it. The first costume for “A Dollar Tree Halloween Series” is The Skeleton Queen and it’s only 6 items! Yes, this was a 6$ costume. Get the details below and make your own.


DIY Steps:

  •  Use a ruler and a crayon and mark 7 dots down the shirt. Depending on how big your shirt is you will want to adjust your placement. My dots were 1.5″ apart, 3″ from the side, and 3″ down from the underarm. 
  • Cut extremely tiny holes because knit stretches. Think the size of a lady bug or smaller. 
  • Use a roll of ribbon and lace in at out of the holes and tie at the bottom. 

  • Remove the skull from the trophy and the jaw.
  • Get the hot glue gun ready
  • Use a generous amount of hot glue and place it on the headband. Hold for 1 minute or so till it has dried into place. 
  • Remove the flowers from the stems. They simply pull right off. 
  • Hot glue a dab onto the bottom stem. I wanted the flowers to lay facing out so be mindful of how you glue them.
  • Place the flowers along the headband and hold into place till dry. Repeat till you get your desired fullness. 
  • For the back I glued some of the left over leaves to hide any stems and openings. 
  • Use some of the extra spiders and stems from the flowers to add if you’d like. 
The creepy cloth was simply tied around the waist to wear as a skirt. For additional effects try their black lipstick and liquid eyeliner. Use the leftover ribbon to create a choker and hot glue some of the extra tidbits from the spooky bouquet. 
Can’t wait to share what we came up with next. Follow along on our series and comment below on what you want to make for Halloween. 
*In collaboration with Dollar Tree