A DIY Summer Holiday

Being a fashion designer you’d think I’m head to toe styled every day, but it’s actually the opposite. I rarely get to dress up and wear my designs. When you’re a mother of 3 young boys it’s not ideal to wear anything but workout clothing in my opinion. Because that’s what I’m practically doing, running all day long or dealing with some sort of mess. So when I was packing for my cruise I made it an effort to add some of my sewn looks I’ve made over the years. When you spend a lot of time sewing your wardrobe you might as well wear them when you get the chance! I didn’t take photos of everything because it was a vacation but here were a few of my looks I wore to the beach or the dinners. The one I got the most interest in was the Coco Chain shirt which literally takes about 5 minutes to make btw on a t-shirt.

Outfit Details:
Zip Skirt, Embroidered Sheer Blouse, Coco Cold Shoulder Top, 2-piece set from mens shirt, off-the-shoulder fringe top (similar just removed the sleeves and add fringe trim), Cruise Halter Top